Find prescription drug assistance programs in Ohio.

Ohio Best RX Program

This program helps seniors as well as low income families in Ohio. Residents who have, or formerly had, a Golden Buckeye card will now receive prescription drug discounts from joining the Ohio Best RX Program. So this is in effect a resource that was created in partnership with other programs in Ohio.

At one time the benefit covered only seniors in Ohio, however now the Ohio Best RX program has been amended to expand eligibility requirements to include all state residents if they are low income. So anyone living in or near poverty levels can sign it. It also will include all senior citizens, regardless of their age and income.

The discounts from Ohio Best RX will vary based on brand name, whether it is a generic or not, and other factors. Average savings from this program to each enrollee is approximately 35% off of medicines. Typically the discount for generic medications will be higher than for brand name drugs. Dial 1-866-923-7879 to get more information or to enroll.

NaCo Prescription Discount Card

This is a prescription drug discount card that is offered by almost all counties in Ohio. The financial aid/savings program helps both uninsured and underinsured county residents who live in Ohio. It will in effect offer users of the resource “free money”, as there is no cost to apply or to use.

The program and cards are offered through a partnership with Caremark as well as other pharmacies. Anyone that is interested can get a card from their local county government or try a social service agency in the town or city in Ohio.

The card is free and tens of thousands of pharmacies across the country (as well as Ohio) accept it. Target, CVS, Wal-Mart and many others all shoppers to receive savings. Most retailers and pharmacies in Ohio will also accept the card from customers, and there are no costs to use it. It is a discount service that can save an average of 25% off the retail cost of prescription medication. And best of all, it is free, there are no monthly strings, no applications to complete, and no commitments from card holders. Call 888.407.6226, or print up a card online.





Ohio Healthy Families

This health care program may also be able to provide financial help for buying medications and prescription drugs. This is a component of the Medicaid program. The federal government as well as state of Ohio grants pay for the program, with a small cost also due from the patient. The main beneficiaries are low income families, pregnant women, disabled, and the working poor whose income qualifies them for government funded medications or subsidized health care. Dial 877-852-0010.

Extra Help for Ohio Medicare Part D enrollees

Low income Medicare recipients can get assistance in paying for their medications from Extra Help. This is a federal government program that is available in Ohio as well. Many people refer to it as the Low Income Subsidy (LIS). Regardless of what you call it, the program is yet another option available to senior citizens and the elderly. In some cases the disabled may also be able to receive some form of savings on the medications they need. It also supports Medicare Part D enrollees.

The application process is fairly streamlined, however a number of conditions will need to be met in order to be found eligible for help. Medicare Rx Extra Help assists thousands of low-income Medicare patients with paying for their prescription drug costs. It helps pay for some co-pays as well as even deductibles in some cases. While the exact amount of savings will vary, some studies show that patients can save over $3000 per year from the program.

CareSource Advantage

This Ohio plan also offers Medicare prescription drug coverage, insurance, and many more benefits to lower income as well as uninsured residents. The program is offered to individuals who are eligible for both Ohio Medicaid and/or the Medicare Part A and Part B plans. Those who qualify may be able to receive health care benefits, discounts and other benefits through CareSource Advantage. Call 1-800-488-0134 for details.




OHDAP - Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program

Free medications are given to residents impacted by HIV and/or AIDs, There are also income criteria in place as well. With the brand name (and few generic) medications needed to treat these conditions costing a significant amount of money, this federal government benefit has helped save the lives of thousands of struggling Ohio families. Dial  800-777-4775 for details.

Local charitable resources

Each county and town in Ohio has their own local resources as well. They can help cancer patients, the unemployed, diabetic, and others pay for the prescription drugs they need for a certain medical condition. Also, you can locate and receive help from other Ohio assistance programs.

By Jon McNamara

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