Assistance programs from Nueces County St. Vincent de Paul.

The Nueces County St. Vincent de Paul can serve as a last resort safety net for the less fortunate. They can offer emergency support and information on government services in Corpus Christi and across the state. Anyone that needs help will meet with a dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable volunteer or full time staff member. These coordinators are trained in assessing the situation and then refer the client (whether a family, disabled resident, child, or senior) to appropriate services.

Anyone that needs help should contact the agency for support, and note that an appointment is always needed to start the assessment process. Depending on funding levels, hundreds of unduplicated clients are assisted each year. They may be give food, applications to public aid, rental assistance, job placement, medication from local clinics, and much more.

Often residents need help in receiving information on applying for public aid or they may need ID and/or Birth Certificates as part of the application process. There may also be IDs needed for moving into a new apartment, finding a job, opening a bank account, and other critical activities. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul can provide support for this, including tips on applying for financial help for expenses such as rent.

The process will direct the applicant on where to turn to for this, and staff can help people complete forms. While very rare, in some instances a voucher may help pay for ID or say a driver license in the state of Texas, but this is rare. The service is run in partnership with the Nueces County Department of Health and Human Service office.

St. Vincent de Paul of Corpus Christi can refer clients to community clinics and hospitals. There will also be seminars on applying for the Affordable Care Act or obtaining free/low cost health insurance. What the clinics may be able to provide is below.

  • Dental Screenings and Check Ups are done by dentists, volunteer hygienists, and dental students from local colleges.
  • Checkups will include checks for gum disease, cavities, dry mouth and oral cancer. Based on the results, cleanings are X-Rays may be done.
  • Basic medical screenings and check ups are done by Nueces County clinics.
  • St. Vincent will refer families living in poverty or that are sick to clinics for exams, diabetes and blood pressure checks, medications, and basic care.
  • Volunteers can review prescription assistance programs that are available locally and nationwide. Find other sources of free prescription medications.





These services will generally require the patient to pay some money for the bills. Or if they have zero income then the care may be free. Generally both private and/or Medicaid insurance is accepted in. All people, regardless of their income, can also attend informative presentations on healthcare topics.

Students from local Nueces County homes that are participants in the After School Program receive tutoring and homework assistance from volunteer teachers. The program partners with various youth groups in the community to help address educational needs. The service will teach students responsible decision making. Parents also need to be involved, and the After School Service will help parents to work more effectively with their children.

Nueces County St. Vincent de Paul administers a number of seasonal services as part of its basic needs programs. Oftentimes families struggle to raise the money for those extra, one-off acquisitions for children that are required at certain points. Therefore, the help minimize those bills, St. Vincent arranges for support using donations from the larger community. There may be free school supplies, Christmas toys or meals, Thanksgiving food boxes, and more. This assistance helps people from making a difficult decision such as deciding between paying for say medical care or buying much needed school supplies.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Corpus Christi food pantry provides healthy supplemental foods including milk, cheese, fruit and vegetable juices, fresh eggs, peanut butter, dried beans, iron fortified cereals and iron fortified formula for babies who are not breastfed. There is a range of supportive, nutritional help available for clients. They may be households living in poverty or pregnant women, infants and children under age five years.

As noted, referrals and information is given by the charity. Their main office is 3502 Saratoga Blvd, Corpus Christi, Texas 78415. Home visits are required, and the phone number is (361) 806-2214.



By Jon McNamara

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