Northshore Gas assistance programs.

Several billing and payment programs are either offered directly by Northshore Gas, or they can refer needy families to government programs and/or local non-profits in Chicago or the greater Cook and Lake County Illinois region. Most of the aid is targeted and limited and fixed income households, seniors, or low income families with children. Northshore Gas wants to do what they can to support the low income and help them pay their bills, and to prevent a shut off of their gas service.

Payment Plans are provided by Northshore Gas when customers are faced with a crisis or some form of circumstance that makes it difficult for families to pay their gas bills. The two main components are the Minimum Payment Option as well as the Short-Term Payment Plan. Both may provide time to customers so they can maintain their gas service while they pay off past-due balances on their accounts.

Minimum Payment Option – This may be an option for people who do not qualify for the Short-Term Payment Plan (see below). Applicants also need to be faced with a disconnection of their gas service. The Minimum Payment Option is easy to sign up for, and you just need to follow the instructions on any notice you receive from Northshore Gas. Thousands of Chicago families have been provided time to get back on track with this option.

The Short-Term Payment Plan will provide customers several months to catch up on their gas bills. Northshore will allow qualified customers the ability to pay a portion of any past-due balance on their account, however they will still need to pay their current bill. A key is to continue to make ongoing payments on your account, as if you stop your gas service will more than likely be disconnected.

Dial 866-556-6004 for more information or to apply. Note if you owe money and were not faithful in a past payment plan with Northshore Gas, then your application will be denied.

Grants from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provide financial assistance to the working poor, very low income, and most vulnerable families and individuals in Chicago. The government program can help people pay their monthly energy and utility bills.





  • Direct cash payment is offered a once-a-year for families who currently have service.
  • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) – Northshore Gas customers may receive a credit that limits their bills to no more than 6 percent of their household income.
  • Reconnection Assistance – If your service has been shut off, then this can help reconnect it and pay for that expense.

To apply for LIHEAP, call the Community Action Partnership of Lake County at 847-249-4330 or dial Northshore and speak to a customer service representative for referrals.

Share the Warmth is run in partnership between Community Action Partnership of Lake County and Northshore Gas. Grants for paying heating bills may be paid out to limited and fixed-income households. Applicants need to continue to make an effort towards paying their bills, and if so a matching grant of up to $200 may be provided as part of Share the Warmth. Chicago and Cook County Illinois families need to call the Community Action Partnership of Lake County at 847-249-4330. Some of the offices are listed below.

  • Gurnee Warren Township, 17801 W. Washington St., dial 847-244-1101
  • Libertyville Township, 359 Merrill Court, phone 847-816-6800
  • Community Action Partnership of Lake County (CAP), 1305 Fairfield Rd., number 847-546-1874
  • 574 McAlister, dial 847-249-6052
  • 1200 Glen Flora, number 847-249-4330
  • Buffalo Grove, Vernon Township, 3050 N. Main Street, phone 847-634-4600

This resource is funded and paid for by donations. When someone makes a tax deductible contribution to the Share the Warmth financial assistance program, the energy company will match your donation. All funds flow to the needy in Chicago, Lake and Cook County, and money will help people pay their gas bills.

Medical hardship - Many people may struggle due to a health issue or medical emergency. If you are having trouble paying your Northshore natural gas bill due to an illness or medical crisis, then please call. You will need a certificate and proof of this issue.




If you meet criteria, Northshore will halt the disconnection of a Chicago families utilities. Or, if your energy service has already been disconnected, they will turn back on your service. A doctor or medical professional must also be involved in the process and have signed and dated it, among other proof.

Qualified customers will not have their service discontinued for up to 30 days from certification. While this period of time may be extended, if it goes beyond 60 days you will need to enter into some form of payment plan with Northshore Gas.


By Jon McNamara

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