Northern Kansas area Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Low income families can contact Catholic Charities for help. While funding is limited, the northern Kansas organization may be able to provide food, assistance to immigrants, housing, and more. Those who need help will often also be able to meet with a social worker who can work with them on long term stability and self-sufficiency.

Financial and emergency assistance is available in some regions. Residents of the Kansas towns and counties of Manhattan, Salina, Hays, and Concordia are the primary beneficiaries, however the organization does offer resources in over 30 counties in Kansas.

Among resources offered include diapers, food, toilet paper, eviction notices, laundry detergent, toothpaste, lotion, razors, baby formula, non-narcotic prescriptions, bus vouchers, and utility shut off or disconnect notices from utility companies. Some of the more financial aid, such as utilities and rent, is very limited and will come with conditions.

Low interest loans are also offered to qualified consumers in partnership with other organizations. For example, they work closely with Bennington State Bank, Salina Area Savings Service and Education (SASSE), Consumer Credit Counseling and University United Methodist Church. They have created a low interest loan program with Catholic Charities. While terms and conditions need to be met by applicants, if you are found to be qualified then the loan can be used for a variety of needs, as indicated below.

The reason this program was created was in an effort to help people gain control of and ideally pay off high interest loans, help them develop a banking relationship and establish credit. The financing can help people consolidate debts, pay their rent, security deposits, shut offs, car repairs, and pay off other high interest loans. In order to be enrolled you will need to sign up for a financial literacy course at Catholic Charities approved centers. Many people from Kansas have also been able to open checking and/or savings accounts and have improved their credit history as a result of this program.

Immigrant assistance is available in Salina as well as the northeastern part of the state. The Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas is a non-profit so they can provide this assistance. They are fully approved and certified by the Board of Immigration Appeals. People who are new to our country and who have limited resources can get help in applying for immigration status. Services can also assist individuals that are having difficulties with their U. S. Citizenship & Immigration Services cases.




It helps people of all nationalities, faiths, ages, and backgrounds. Over the years Catholic Charities has assisted thousands of people in the community. It can help people gain Lawful Permanent Residence and/or U. S. Citizenship.

The agency specializes in Family Based Immigration and Naturalization Services. This can include, but is not limited to, helping clients gain Lawful Permanent Resident card renewals. Their programs are fully accredited by the United States Board of Immigration Appeals.

Immigrants and refugees can get access to a number of assistance programs. They can include some or all of the following. Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative, Family Visa petitions, Green card renewals, Family unity, Permanent Residency, Citizenship, and Waivers. Another important service is to help people obtain work permits and find a job in the region.

Affordable senior housing units are available in the region. One example are units that are located at 2145 Tulane Avenue in Salina, Kansas. Call 785-827-4203. The center is an independent living facility for persons over 62 years of age or older or who are disabled. The organization also works under a HUD Section 8 rental assistance program. This means that any occupants monthly rent payment will be based on their income levels minus any medical expenses. While limited, rent-free apartments are a possibility to those who qualify. In addition a utility allowance is provided to offset the cost of gas and electricity bills.

There are several offices in the northern portion of the state. Some of the main Catholic Charity centers are below. However you can call to see if there is a location that is closer.

  • 425 W Iron Ave  Salina, Kansas 67401, dial (785) 825-0208
  • 2707 Vine St  Hays, KS 67601, dial (785) 625-2644
  • 520 Washington St  Concordia, KS 66901. Call the church/center at (785) 243-4167 for intake.
  • 323 Poyntz, Suite 102, Manhattan, KS 66502, main phone 785-323-0644




By Jon McNamara

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