New Orleans Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army may be able to assist families in New Orleans who can’t provide for themselves. The agency offers social services, assistance with meeting basic needs, and help in a crisis or emergency. Programs can provide advice and referrals. Some Salvation Army resources may be available and can help with shelter, food, rent/utility help, clothing, and more.

When a family is faced with a crisis, or unexpected hardship, the New Orleans Salvation Army may have programs available. Sometimes the crisis can be caused by an unexpected job loss, medical condition, or death of a spouse. Regardless, the agency may have limited amounts of financial aid and support.

  • Rental / Mortgage Assistance can be offered when funds are available. This type of assistance for paying rent or mortgage is done by appointment only. A family in New Orleans can only receive limited amounts of cash assistance at most once a year. The agency needs to be presented with a copy of the action letter from your landlord, township, or bank. They also need a copy of your lease, home loan or a copy of your last month’s rent receipt.
  • Electric / Gas Assistance - When funds are available, financial assistance for paying natural gas or electric bills are also made by appointment only. Salvation Army clients can only receive assistance once a year, and a disconnection letter needs to be provided.
  • Water Bill Assistance – Even more limited than other resources. Applicant must have a disconnect notice from their water company.

Transitional Housing is a fairly standard Salvation Army service. Most of the units are for homeless families and the program was designed to support, motivate, and assist residents and help them find permanent housing in New Orleans or somewhere in Louisiana. Most of the qualified residents for the housing assistance programs are married couples with children or single mothers/parents. All residents who seek shelter or short term housing must also be seeking part or full time employment. The Transitional Housing Program is also designed to provide clients with a safe and healthy environment. It provides residents the time and opportunity to build trustworthiness through demonstrating accountability, dependability, and responsibility.




Social service programs can help low income families meet the basic needs of daily life who lack resources on their own. Social services are usually combined with advice and case management to ensure individuals achieve long term success.

The New Orleans Salvation Army social services are extensive. They include overnight emergency shelter, transitional housing and accompanying hot meals (dinner and breakfast) provided to all participants. Additional shelter programs and bed capacity include: women's overnight emergency shelter (over 30 beds), transitional housing apartments, units at the Phases women and children's shelter, men's overnight emergency shelter, and workers dorm.

Some of the other emergency aid and social service programs include transportation services (bus tokens, passes or tickets), emergency family services (providing emergency utility or rent payment), holiday meals and gifts, or referral services. Community outreach programs and referrals to Louisiana public and federal government assistance are administered too.

TSA Phases Women and Children Program can help women and children in need of shelter as well as the homeless in New Orleans. The center is a 16-bed facility designed to help children and women. The immediate goal of this Salvation Army program is to provide transitional and short term emergency shelter. Case managers will help assess the needs of homeless woman and any children they may have. Social workers at the TSA unit will try to address the immediate problems facing the client's homelessness and also address the underlying issues affecting the clients' ability to both maintain and attain self-sufficiency. The overarching goal of the Women and Children Program is to end the homelessness of the client, and importantly help them obtain permanent housing in the region.

A food pantry is open a couple days per week, or until the centers run out of groceries and food boxes to distribute. No appointment is needed and items are passed out first come-serve. Clients can only receive food assistance every three months at most and meet other conditions.




Addresses and phone numbers in Orleans Parish

1584 Elderberry Loop, Mandeville
200 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson, call (504) 835-7130
4526 South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70125, phone number 504-899-4569


By Jon McNamara

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