New Mexico Gas Company financial and payment assistance programs.

Get help with paying your natural gas bills from the New Mexico Gas Company. The energy provider administers several assistance programs directly and can refer customers to additional resources, such as government aid or local non-profits. The primary New Mexico Gas resources are below.

One of the leading charity programs is HEAT New Mexico. It goes by the motto of Giving Warmth Where It's Needed the Most, and it focuses on providing support during the winter months. It can help qualified families stay warm.

Many New Mexican residents struggle with paying heating bills during the colder months. It can be a hardship for people to pay, especially during these challenging times. The HEAT fund is sponsored by New Mexico Gas Company. Assistance, resources, and aid can help income-qualified families pay their heating bills each winter.

It also relies heavily on donations. If you can contribute, it will be a tax-deductible donation on your part and the funds you donate will help New Mexicans keep safe and warm each winter. Call New Mexico Gas Company if you need help with your heating bills, or if you can donate.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is paid for by the federal government but is administered by the New Mexico Human Services Department and local community action agencies. LIHEAP may be able to help, with a focus on seniors, families with children, those on fixed income (such as pension), and the disabled. Grants and cash can pay regular energy bills, and emergency and crisis funds may be available too when some is faced with a disconnection.

LIHEAP is also generally offered for income qualified residents on Indian Lands. Some local tribes administer their own versions of the LIHEAP program. Or they may partner with government agencies such as the New Mexico Health and Human Services area offices.





The Winter Moratorium is available for certain low-income customers who qualify for federal government LIHEAP assistance. Individuals will not have their natural gas service disconnected for nonpayment of their New Mexico Gas bills from November 15 through March 15.

As with all resources, there are restrictions. In order to receive this moratorium, a customer’s natural gas bills need to be current as of November 15 of the year you apply. If you are not current on your account, then the moratorium will only start after you have paid all past due fees and charges. Or another option may be entering into a payment plan. Any customers with unpaid balances on their accounts from last winter are ineligible for the winter moratorium protection.

If you do happen to receive a notice from New Mexico Gas Company or any energy provider that your utility service is to be disconnected for nonpayment, then the customer needs to contact their energy provider. You will need to provide proof of LIHEAP.

Note that after the winter moratorium period ends, the state Human Services Department and New Mexico Gas Company want to remind customers that you still owe any balance on your natural gas bills that were due during the winter.

Therefore all customers are urged to make efforts to continue to pay their bills during the moratorium period to avoid incurring large balances on their accounts. To sign up or learn more about the winter moratorium, call 888-664-2726.

New Mexico Gas Payment Plans - If you are having difficulty paying your bills, or expect to struggle in the future, dial 888-664-2726 if you would like to make payment arrangements or explore options. Priority is for the elderly, low income, disabled or others who have special circumstances or hardships. Some customers may be eligible for an extended payment plan and other emergency financial assistance programs.

Budget Billing is a free program that can help customers of all income levels manage and plan their budgets. The Budget Billing program level sets or evens out your monthly bills and payments so you pay the same amount each month on your account.

Call New Mexico Gas Company at 888-664-2726 or a local community action agency for details.




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