New Hampshire Housing Authority assistance programs.

Some of the main programs administered by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority include emergency funds for paying rent, section 8 housing vouchers, and assistance for potential homebuyers. Most of the aid is focused on residents facing eviction and low to moderate income residents. Some of the programs, such as short term rental assistance, is only provided as a last resort to families that have no other options available to them.

Eviction prevention and funds for paying rent is available from the Emergency Housing Program. The agency will only provide short term help to those qualified families that can’t get assistance from their local town municipality.

It was created as a last resort. The New Hampshire Emergency Housing Program is limited in scope and will only help a couple dozen households across the state at any one time. When funding is available, up to three months worth of rent expenses may be paid out to tenants. It is also only offered when the applicant was denied welfare assistance from their town or city and the family needs to be facing imminent eviction.

The New Hampshire Housing Authority will require that the individual has explored all other options as well, including resources offered by non-profits such as the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities. A formal application process is in place, with proof of the eviction letter, income, homelessness, and other support required.

Any support provided by the housing authority will be in the form of minimal assistance to help stabilize the family while they work towards self-sufficiency. The state will not provide apartments or shelter to those that qualify. This rental assistance program is very limited in scope and funding. To learn more, feel free to dial 1-800-439-7247.

The federal government funded Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program is administered by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. It will pay a portion of a very low income families rent and can help participants get placed into affordable, safe, sanitary and decent housing. The vouchers are difficult to get and there is usually a long waiting list in place.




Any assistance is generally for very low income families as well as the disabled and seniors that meet income levels. Eligibility will also be based upon the applicant’s income and household size. As indicated, this is only a subsidy and the tenant will still need to pay a portion of their household income towards their monthly rent and utilities. The government affiliated New Hampshire Housing pays the balance of your housing costs directly to the landlord. The apartment that someone lives in needs to also meet certain quality standards and be approved.

The housing authority administers the program across New Hampshire. Income requirements and other conditions of course need to be met. If you qualify, a waiting list is used and note that the estimated waiting time for a section 8 voucher is based on the demand, the applicant's preference status, and also federal government funding levels.

The ACCESS Program is a component of section 8. This is for those residents in which the head of household is 61 years old or younger and disabled, they live in a facility or nursing home, and they also want to move into more independent homes or apartments.




The New Hampshire Housing Authority Mainstream Program is rental assistance for a family in which the head of household, spouse, or member is a person that is disabled. The applicant will also need to meet all other guidelines, including income limits. Also note that the state has entered into partnership with several other statewide, faith and community based non-profit agencies to provide services and rent help to Mainstream Voucher Participants.

For people looking to buy a home, New Hampshire Housing offers help to those that qualify for their programs. The main resource is the Housing Choice Voucher, and they can use this towards homeownership and paying loans. So basically what this means is that individuals or families that are participating in the state’s Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher Program may be able to use their voucher to pay the mortgage instead of their rent.

Many conditions will need to be met as well. These include the individual needs to have completed first-time homebuyer education, they can’t have defaulted on a mortgage or home loan under the HCV homeownership option, and they can’t have been homeowners over the last few years. Call 1-800-439-7247 more details.

The New Hampshire Housing Authority provides these and other services to residents that qualify. Call a number above for more information. The offices they operate from are at 32 Constitution Dr., Bedford, NH 03110-6062 as well as 42 Cottage St, Littleton, New Hampshire 03561-5716.



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