Get mortgage and foreclosure help from NeighborWorks.

A variety of free foreclosure prevention services are offered by NeighborWorks, which is a western Pennsylvania’s based agency. Homeowners in the Pittsburgh area, as well as Allegheny County and other nearby areas can contact the agency for free foreclosure assistance to help people keep their homes.

When you contact the agency, if it is determined that you are eligible, housing counselors will be assigned to you in order to help you work with your bank or lender. The counselors can also advise you on and guide you through the various state of Pennsylvania and national mortgage assistance programs. The goal is to help families find practical alternatives and solutions to foreclosure that allow families to keep their residence. Click here to learn about such programs as Pennsylvania emergency mortgage assistance.

The types of loans and mortgages they focus on include

  • Home loans with adjustable rate resets
  • Homeowners who have experienced a family/medical emergency
  • Predatory lending and home loans
  • Job loss or income disruption

NeighborWorks is also part of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Coalition. Member agencies and housing counselors work every day to help homeowners negotiate fair settlements with their lenders, and can participate in foreclosure meditation. The underlying goal is to give every homeowner the opportunity to save their home from losing it to foreclosure.

Also note that NeighborWorks can not only help put a stop or hold on any further actions taken on the part of the mortgage servicer or lender, but work to negotiate a mortgage modification agreement that can result in the retention of the home. More on mortgage negotiation.

One of the big benefits is that foreclosure mitigation counselors don’t just negotiate with lenders on behalf of homeowners, but they also other services. For example, counselors can also help prepare realistic budgets, help repair credit, and can assess families’ financial situations.





In addition, NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania administers a variety of assistance programs for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency that offer both safe and unique opportunities to repair damaged loans and offer refinance opportunities to qualified homeowners.

The bottom line is that certified housing counselors will work one-on-one with clients in a private and confidential setting and are continually commended for their genuine trustworthiness and concern. Most of the services and advice provided by the non-profit are free to qualified homeowners. For more information on the free foreclosure prevention tactics or programs, or to schedule an appointment, call NeighborWorks at 412-281-9773.





By Jon McNamara

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