Neighborhood Alliance programs and Family Support Services.

Several different programs are available from Neighborhood Alliance Family Support Services, however the focus is on addressing housing and homelessness in Lorain County Ohio. They operate everything from shelter to providing referrals to emergency rent and security deposit help. The non-profit will also assist children, seniors, and those that are truly struggling in the area.

They do operate an emergency shelter in the county. Not only can women, men, or children get a place to stay, but they can also receive clothing, food, meals, and referrals. Another key service at the shelter is information and referrals to more stable, permanent housing in the region.

Staff from Neighborhood Alliance will also help families break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Together they will develop a plan of attack to help a client access a low income apartment and gain employment. This can also include assistance such as bus tickets for transportation, GED classes, vocational rehab programs, and other affordable housing options.

Any type of transitional housing or case management usually has a waiting list in place. Also, resources are very limited. However, if the agency can’t meet your needs, then they may offer referrals to other charities or human service agencies in the county.

Emergency funds for paying certain expenses may sometimes be available. This will usually depend on federal government funding, such as ESG grants. There may be loans or other financial aid as well to pay for housing expenses.

This can include rent or maybe an overdue utility bill. The funds are for those facing imminent homelessness. in some cases an individual that is homeless, and well on their way to self-sufficiency, can get help with paying for the security deposit in a new home in Lorain County. In a crisis, dial (440) 277-9272.

Subsidized child care is available from a couple centers. There are locations in both Lorain and Elyria. The centers provide subsidized day care for toddlers, infants (range in age from 6 weeks to 18-month), preschool children and those that are also school age. There can be services at this enrichment center for both before and after school care.




The teachers and staff provide this low cost service and offer students a safe environment. It also provides for educational development and relevant activities for youth. So children will benefit from the day care in many different ways. Fees will be due from parents, and they can also be based on their income or other factors.

Another educational program for both new parents and children is Help Me Grow. It offers clients a wide array of health care advice and related services for development. There may be home visits arranged for the parents, referral to community resources, assistance to meet emergency medical needs, and other aid.

Neighborhood Alliance will also help senior citizens in the region. The goal is to help people, including the elderly, at every stage of their life. There may be financial aid, support services and socialization opportunities available.

Working with agency on aging centers, the non-profits may offer free meals to Lorain County seniors. In some cases, the food will be delivered to the person’s home by volunteers or other staff members. Everything served is nutritious and will meet the goals of the senior.

Another option is the Oberlin Senior Center. This offers both recreational activities, such as professional sports games or quilting, as well as other workshops. Those can range from information on Medicare, social security, and other financial advice targeted at senior needs.




Referring seniors to those government benefits of programs like Medicaid, Low Income Home Energy Bill programs, Homestead Exemption, Medicare and Golden Buckeye Cards is a focus of Neighborhood Alliance Family Support Services. This will help ensure the individual has some form of support for their basic needs. They may also be able to coordinate some basic home repairs for those that are low income and need the help.

There are a few different departments available at Neighborhood Alliance Family Support Services. To learn more, call (440) 277-8269. Or the main office is at 457 Griswold Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035.


By Jon McNamara

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