Support from churches in Navarro County.

The churches in Navarro County offer assistance, including from a Care Center. This is the place for struggling families to turn to for help. There are staff and volunteers that collect and sort donated clothing, food, hygiene supplies, and other items. These are then given to deserving clients, along with referrals to financial assistance.

The clothing center is open once per month, and it can be used no more frequently then that. On the other hand, the client choice food bank can only be used every other month. While the Church will rarely (if ever) offer financial aid for paying certain bills or living expenses, the volunteers may be able to refer the Navarro County to a nearby social service organization.

Free clothes, basic stuff and food or meals

Be sure to call in advance to see if the client choice food pantry can help. Any interested applicants should call the Navarro County Church to confirm the dates and times of the distribution, as the schedule may change weekly as well as monthly.

Seniors, the disabled, and homebound may sometimes be delivered a food box or meal by a volunteer from the church. However there are no guarantees to this. Unfortunately the non-profit does not have enough volunteers or staff to deliver food to your home. Seniors, the disabled or medically frail may request support, and efforts will be made, but there are no guarantees.

The food pantry also requires people to bring a photo ID, copies of income, and paperwork showing you live in the zip code that is in Navarro County and that is supported by the Church. Also, it is strongly recommended that the applicant bring their own grocery bags and boxes to pack food into. The Church will not have these items to pass out.

The Church Clothes Closet – This will not only help the homeless or people that only own the “clothing on their backs”, but it also support job seekers, students seeking uniforms, and other low income people. The center uses donations of clothing as well as furniture, and this allows the charity to pass on these goods to the needy.





Not only may free clothes be given, but furniture and other household goods can be passed out. In fact, the team at the Navarro County church is also able to pass out household items when residents of Navarro County move into a new house or apartment. This will of course factor in their income as well as donations.

A holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, is a special cause for celebration. Low income parents struggle to pay for gifts, food, toys, and these traditions. There are numerous Navarro County families that are unable to afford Christmas gifts for their children or even a new shirt or pair of shoes. Find more information on how to get free Thanksgiving dinners.

To help meet this need, the Care Center clothing closet and food pantry gives them reason for celebration by offering assistance. There may be free food Packages that can include vouchers for use at local grocery stores. Holiday boxes may also have meat, chicken, grape juice, and more. Holiday Clothing from donations to the Navarro County Church also includes shirts, robes, dresses, suits, winter coats, and shoes for family members of all ages.

Care Center referrals to financial support

The Church Care Center staff will utilize the assessment done on the applicant to determine the appropriate referrals for financial help for that situation. They will link the person to those agencies, some of which may be available 24 hours a day in order to best assist that person.

There is help given to tenants who are involved in disputes with their landlords over rent or deposits. There is also help for people seeking food or utility plans, as well as those from Corsicana Texas that are experiencing difficulty in keeping up with monthly rent payments. All of this will be done as the person is  creating a coordinated assessment for individuals experiencing homelessness.




When dropping in at the Care Center for help, always bring multiple forms of ID for head of household as well as other members. This can include photo Ids, birth certificates, copies of leases, and more. The more ID brought to a Navarro County Church the better. Call 211 for details.


By Jon McNamara

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