Mustard Seed Ministries of Ada County assistance programs.

Programs administered by Mustard Seed Ministries are usually funded by the sale of items at the thrift store. When possible, the agency will provide funds for critical living expenses. Some of what is in highest demand includes temporary utility bill as well as rent assistance. As resources and funding allows, the Ada County based charity agency will also coordinate resources for employment as well as hunger prevention.

Mustard Seed Ministries partners with other churches and charities in the region. Whether it is the national Feeding America organization or Boise affiliate of the Continuum of Care on homeless prevention, a number of services are brought to bear to help struggling individuals or families.

Ada County residents in a crisis, such as about to be evicted or if they do not have medications, can try the Mustard Seed Ministries emergency financial aid programs. This is a limited service and support is only offered as funding is available. All funds paid out are discretionary and applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Grants may be issued for the following.

  • Utilities, including heat, electric, or water bills.
  • Vouchers to pay for prescription medications for those that lack the proper insurance and have a life-threatening condition.
  • Housing expenses, such as back rent.
  • Employment related expenses, such as bus tokens to an interview or gift certificates to pay for work clothing.

When applying, proof of income and more is needed. The applicant will also need to meet with a Mustard Seed Ministry affiliated Case Manager as well.

Mustard Seed Ministry has both a food pantry and, on some days, meals from a soup kitchen. The main goal of these services it to help those families that are facing a crisis. The non-profit will not only try to provide a box of food to qualified clients, but also offer other support services ranging from surplus USDA commodities to help in applying for state of Idaho food stamps.





The pantry relies on partners from across Ada County. Restaurants donate surplus items, and generous members of the community hold food drives. What a client may expect to find from the organization may be a box of groceries with Canned Juices, Peanut Butter, Rice, Bread, Meat, and more. During the holidays, the contents may have some of those special holiday items, such as a Turkey with all the toppings.

The Mustard Seed Ministry thrift shop is operated by the charity and the ongoing support of volunteers. Based on what has been donated from the community, the site has used clothing. Everything will be screened and needs to be in working order, and this is due the immense respect for the dignity of clients. Items for sale range from shoes, winter coats, furniture, and small household items. Everything sold will be done so at at reduced prices.

To keep the location running, the faith based Ministry in Boise also relies on donations. There can be a receipt given out by the team too, so the client will have a tax benefits. If contributing to the store, do not donate non-working appliance, soiled or ripped clothing or broken goods. This causes more challenges by the volunteers from across Ada County who work at the site.

The national One Warm Coat campaign and partners such as Mustard Seed Ministries of Ada County launched a groundbreaking partnership for the purpose of furnishing winter coats to adults, students and children in need. The result was that the agency has services available during that time of year. There may be clothing as the result of winter garment donations and high-impact distributions.

There is a computer lab run by the Mustard Seed Ministry that is located at the center. Low income and unemployed clients have access to the facility for updating resumes, creating email accounts, using the internet conducting job searches and applying for jobs online all with assistance available from an employee of the Department of Labor.

The services are available across the county as well as city of Boise. The Ministry is located at 702 Main Ave N in Twin Falls Idaho. The primary phone number is (208) 733-9515.



By Jon McNamara

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