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Eviction prevention and rehousing help in Multnomah County.

Low income renters, single mothers, the elderly and others can get help to stop an eviction. There are free lawyers for tenants facing homelessness, federal programs and Multnomah County grants, and other services. The goal is to help families, or single people, from being evicted from their home or apartment. Find eviction prevention programs in Portland Oregon and Multnomah County.

Funding for this homeless prevention program is available from non-profits while money also comes from the social service offices at the City of Portland OR well as Gresham. All of these funds are used to ensure that housing needs are met for both the homeless and families that are on the verge of eviction.

Resources to stop an eviction in Multnomah County

The formal name of the program to stop or delay an eviction is STRA, or Short Term Rent Assistance. The non-profit that is known as Home Forward is often involved in the administration process. Or look for Portland OR Catholic Charities programs for housing, as they are a major partner too. Both have support for families with kids, single adults and those in need. Charities also support veterans in Portland Oregon as well as families that have a pay or quit notice from their landlord and/or that are currently homeless.

Rehousing (find more information below) can also help tenants that are leasing an unsafe home, such as one in disrepair or that is not meant for human habitation. This can be a longterm term solution for a tenant that was evicted.

Renters that are struggling to keep up with their housing payments, even in a section 8 home in Multnomah County, as well as families with an eviction or vacate notice, can apply for eviction prevention help. There is additional support for individuals who would be more at danger without a home to live in, and examples may be children, the disabled, or single moms in the area. But anyone can apply for these programs.

Homeless prevention from STRA will assist the client with maintaining their current home or apartment. This could mean different things to different people. Some struggling households may need money in an emergency to catch up on their rent. Others may be evicted due to unpaid heating, water, or electric bills. If the issue is over a legal matter, such as noise, lease disputes, or similar concerns, that can also lead to an eviction.




The team at Home Forward work with dozens of social services in Multnomah County and/or the city of Portland to handle all of these challenges (and more). The homeless prevention services in the area, no matter if they are run by a charity or the government, are all coordinated together by STRA. When funding allows, they will offer a grant for short term rental or utility needs while case management finds a long term solution to the crisis. Lawyers that help tenants also participate in the process, as they have a wide range of tools they can offer to the eviction prevention programs.

Tenants that are at risk or that have a vacate notice are of course given priority for any aid. Applicants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, and religions. Anyone can apply for support as part of the programs. Resources are limited, but even if a grant or legal representation is not given, referrals may be made to other Gresham or Portland based agencies.

Rehousing and housing placement in Portland Oregon

Multnomah County families that need to move due to a financial crisis as well as the homeless will be provide a short term “bridge” solution first. This may then eventually lead to a new, permanent home or apartment in the area.

The first step is to get the evicted person, or chronically homeless resident, off the streets. Or if they are sleeping in a car, in a park, or similar environment, this too may qualify them. The are shelters that can be used, or when those are not an option, then free hotel/motel vouchers are often the next step.

The process will next involve housing placement. This will occur for people that are leaving the shelter or motel. There has to be some form of stability achieved before Home Forward (or any local agency) will place someone into a new home. So all case management goals around budgeting, employment, and other financial needs have to be satisfied.





Rehousing can last as long as 2 years. This is done to prevent a future episode of evictions/homelessness. What a prospective tenant in  Multnomah County may qualify for is the money for paying security deposits or a grant to hook up their electricity. Then, over the next 24 months or so, STRA will give ongoing guidance and case management. This can be offered from one of almost 20 different social service agencies in the region.

The most effect way to stop homelessness is coordinating multiple agencies and programs in the greater Portland Oregon area. A coalition has been created to do this, and no matter what is needed to stop an eviction in the county, some form of assistance will be offered.

Phone number to apply for eviction prevention help

There was a significant amount of effort done to coordinate the rapid rehousing as well as eviction prevention programs throughout Multnomah County. For more information on how to get assistance, dial 503-802-8300


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