Monument Crisis Center basic need programs.

Relying heavily on volunteers and donations, the Monument Crisis Center provides the working poor and low income with support. They try to address essential needs, and that can include providing food and medical or dental care. They also operate a free Back-2-School Backpack Drive for students from low income families, and offer other aid and support.

Medical and dental screenings are administered in an effort to assist with promoting the health of clients. To make this happen, local nursing programs and professionals periodically offer their time and coordinate health screenings through workshops and community clinics. They offer assistance with checking cholesterol, managing diabetes, and examining blood pressure.

For more serious conditions, the doctors will provide referrals to specialists in Northern California. While they try to always provide free care to clients, in some cases the patient will need to pay a portion of a bill that is due from their care.

Monument Crisis Center offers free dental screenings hosted periodically by students from local colleges and trade schools, and this service is for eligible, low-income individuals or the uninsured. The screenings consists of gum disease reviews and cavity checks, and the students will also be assessing for conditions such as dry mouth, cavities and oral cancers.

Health care also touches upon physical fitness and stress management, which are essential for leading a life of stability and self-reliance. Classes are offered at the Monument Crisis Center to teach people techniques for relaxation, stress reduction and life skills.

An essential component of the Monument Crisis center is their food distribution center, and this is a main resource for serving low-income families and individuals who are at-risk in the local communities within Contra Costa County. Food and surplus commodities are supplied to hundreds of households on a yearly basis, including the homeless and people faced with poverty.





The center operations is sustained by monetary and food donations within the community, so please donate or volunteer if you can. The distribution is ensured for low income clients, including seniors and the elderly, as the center is open five times a week. There may be some deliveries for the homebound too.

The pantry also purchases from the Food Bank, using contributions from private donors, and holds fundraisers. Families may find canned fruits and vegetables, milk, canned tuna/chicken, soups, bread, cereal, peanut butter, and based on availability fresh produce and dairy. The main center is at 1990 Market Street, Concord, CA 94520, dial (925) 825-7751.

Back-2-School Backpack Drive distributes to low income, eligible children a variety of supplies, with an emphases on passing out free backpacks within Contra Costa County. The mission was to collect supplies to help children start off their school year on a positive note. To help the non-profit meet this goal, please donate backpacks filled with school supplies (such as clothing, notebooks, and more) for these children. It is also a great way to give back to the community. Find more information on programs that help with school supplies.

The Senior Moments programs focuses on meeting the nutritional needs of people age 55 years or older. In addition, this resource is a great way for them to socialize with peers, enroll into medical workshops and receive a wellness check from a professional.




Senior citizens from Contra Costa County have access to free groceries, a hot nutritious lunch, blood pressure checks, recreational activities, clothing and a sense of belonging when they visit. This program is run by staff from Monument and volunteers who coordinate themes for the gatherings.

For more information on their services, call (925) 825-7751. Other referrals and support may be available as well.

By Jon McNamara

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