Montgomery County Tennessee Salvation Army emergency programs.

Assistance from the Salvation Army can help low income families in Clarksville as well as the surrounding County on Montgomery Tennessee. The organization offers assistance to a wide range of residents, ranging from seniors to the unemployed and single parents. While most of their programs are limited, such as funds for paying bills or rent, others are more available, including a free food pantry and case management. In addition, referrals are also provided to other local services. More details on the resources available in Montgomery County are below.

Basic needs around food, clothing, furniture, or household items can be addressed from their food pantries and thrift stores. While some people from the community may need to pay a partial fee towards an article of clothing, other items such as food or a box of groceries may be free. In addition, the Salvation Army may offer some clients with a voucher in which they can acquire the items at no cost to them, or they can provide toys, meals, and other help from holiday and Christmas programs such as Angel Tree. The free food bank in Clarksville as well as Family Store, and holiday services, assist thousands of residents per year.

There also also soup kitchens in the region that feed the homeless and people facing poverty. The centers provide a hot meal, such as lunch or dinner to the disadvantaged, and the Salvation Army can provide referrals to these locations. Meals, water and other vouchers may be issued as a form of immediate relief to people impacted by a disaster in Tennessee, whether it is a fire or tornado.

Funds for paying certain expenses may be distributed. In general, the Salvation Army is a last resort, and they would only be able to help with a portion of a bill, if anything at all. Some of what may be available in Clarksville can help eligible families meet basic needs of housing, utility bills and more. Note, they do not have funds for paying rent at at this location. In some cases, a client leaving the transitional housing sites in Montgomery County will be assisted with referrals to a security deposit.

Any applicant for financial aid will need to meet a number of qualifications and they will also need to participate in case management with a social worker. In many cases, they will not have funds to assist, so the applicant may be given referrals to other local charities or non-profits.





Preventing hunger in Clarksville is always a goal. There is not only a food pantry and soup kitchens in Montgomery County as indicated above, but there may also be vouchers for the supermarket, information on public benefits such as SNAP food stamps, and holiday meals. Children can be provided a snack during the summer (when they do not have access to free school lunches) and the homebound may have a meal delivered to them by a volunteer.

All of the aid referenced above, whether financial assistance or food, is intended to be a hand up and not a hand out. So the Salvation Army will require the client to work towards stability. This will touch upon issues such as employment, budgeting, and saving money in anticipation of a future hardship.

Housing programs are available in the area. There are both Salvation Army supported resources, as well as other charities or organizations that partner with them. Examples of what may be available ranges from emergency shelters, short term accommodation, and low income apartments. Some have special requirements, such as only for victims of domestic violence or veterans, and the case managers will advise on those requirement.

A part of these housing programs from the Salvation Army is their counseling services. Social workers or volunteers from the Salvation Army partner with clients, and address any number of challenges. While some people may just need some short term, limited advice, others require more long term guidance. So the Salvation Army will refer those individuals to other agencies if and when needed, as there are services in Montgomery County that can address this need.

Senior housing, including low income apartments, are often available by referrals. This is also part of the Section 202 program. These locations may offer the elderly person, and their spouse, room to stay in as well as companionship. Oftentimes a minimal monthly rent is due from the tenant of these units. Read more on low income senior housing from HUD.




The senior will also be offered, as needed, recreational activities, transportation to the doctor, computer training, basic medical check ups, and other services.  There may even be on site nursing care. The Salvation Army has always been committed to helping the older generation of Americans.

The Salvation Army in Clarksville contact information

As noted, it supports the entire county. For more details, call 931-552-5350. The main office is at 210 Kraft St., Clarksville, Tennessee 37040.


By Jon McNamara

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