Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Agency in Texas.

Residents of Montgomery County Texas who meet income criteria, are faced with a hardship, and who meet other conditions may be able to get help in an emergency. The MCEA, which is short for Montgomery County Emergency Assistance agency, may have funds to pay utilities, medications, food, rent, housing, and other costs.

Low income and/or uninsured residents who have recently gone to the doctor's office or an emergency room may be able to get help obtaining prescription medications. MCEA has a program that will assist qualified clients who are faced with a financial crisis and who can’t pay for their prescriptions. Montgomery County will do what they can to find the lowest priced medications, and they will send a voucher to the qualified individual. This person can then bring that prescription medication voucher to the pharmacy or drug store, and that will allow them to get the medication filled. Among other criteria, clients who need help with medical bills will need to prove an inability to pay for their medications and that they have exhausted all other forms of government assistance such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Utility bill assistance is offered by Montgomery County Emergency Assistance. Aid is mostly for people who are faced with a disconnection, and other qualifications need to be met including funding, income, and need. The county utility assistance programs can help pay for kerosene, electricity, gas, propane, or wood bills, if any of those are the main heating source for the home. Please keep in mind that the county utility bill assistance programs cannot pay for what are considered non-essential expenses such as security lights, telephones, cable television, or water bills.

A few components include Elderly/Disabled Energy Assistance which is for senior citizens. Another Emergency Short-Term Utility Assistance can help those who are in an Energy Crisis Program or who are faced with a shut off.

Other services offered by Montgomery County include Heating and Cooling Appliance Repair and Replacement, Co-Pay Self-Sufficiency Program, and they can also help people apply for Entergy Project Care.





Montgomery County Emergency Rent and Mortgage Assistance is offered for housing expenses. For those families who are faced with an unexpected crisis or emergency, and they are faced with an eviction or foreclosure on their home, then MCEA may be able to help. When someone’s family income is depleted and the family is faced with imminent eviction, then MCEA can may have emergency cash assistance for paying rent and/or mortgage costs. The goal is to prevent homelessness by helping clients remain stable in their homes while working towards renewed, long term self-sufficiency and solutions to a housing crisis, so that people can pay their rent or mortgage on their own in the future.

Food and groceries may be offered for by MCEA. The non-profit government agency can offer free groceries for seniors on a fixed income, qualified clients who experience an unexpected crisis, and the homeless can get help too. The county fully realizes that an increase in expenses or unexpected decrease in the household income can force unhealthy choices between feeding themselves and maybe paying their rent. Too often in this economy, people will attempt to get by on quick, unhealthy or less or no food in order to free up money to for medication, rent or some other bills.

Temporary housing is provided by Montgomery County Emergency Assistance agency’s Transitional Housing Program. The county will try to provide supportive services as well as a safe and structured living environment. All help is for families progressing from shelter/street to permanent housing. This short term program provides the family a place to live for up to two years. While they live in this housing unit or apartment, they will be offered coping skills necessary to sustain permanent housing as well as. For example, work with a social worker or case manager on services such as, job search training, Life Skills training, case management, and much more.




All assistance provided by Montgomery County Texas is subject to the availability of funds and other resources. Only a small number of qualified families will be able to get help. Call (936) 539-9211.


By Jon McNamara

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