Community Action Agency Montgomery Alabama emergency programs.

Direct financial aid from the Montgomery County Community Action Agency is very limited. However case managers will work with income qualified clients in an effort to find some type of solution to their financial hardship. This can include referrals, application for government assistance such as LIHEAP, and other poverty fighting measures.

Education is offered as part of Early Head Start – EHS as well as the similar Head Start, which is for slightly older children. Both of these operate as federally funded community-based programs for children and infants from low-income families. Pregnant women or the child’s parent can also benefit from Head Start social services.

The program can do many things, include promote healthy family functioning, put the child in place for increasing education, encourage prenatal outcomes for new moms/pregnant women, address medical care, enhance the development of very young children in Montgomery County. Dozens of children from the area benefit each year.

The Head Start program also provides the following services to students. Medical Health and Dental Screenings, Academic sessions, Family Services, Parental Involvement, Food, and Disability Services. The MCAC community action agency also works with the Montgomery Public School System to integrate classes into local elementary and middle schools.

The Prenatal Program is for expectant mothers in Alabama. Women are provided with free prenatal education on fetal development, including labor and delivery, the risks from smoking and alcohol consumption, postpartum recovery, including information on maternal depression. They can also get information on government benefits, such as free diaper pantries or the WIC food assistance program.

LIHEAP can help qualified, low income families in Montgomery. It is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the state of Alabama. While there is no guarantee that funds will be available or that someone qualified, it is an option to explore.




Energy bill assistance, with priority on heating costs, is available at the Montgomery Community Action Agency (MCAC) with a priority on seniors, the disabled, and families with young children. Any grants or credits issued will be given directly to the energy company and not too the individual that was seeking help.

LIHEAP will also provide a one-time only cash benefit to eligible households. Families need to reapply annually. The amount of the assistance will be determined by the applicant’s household income, family size, fuel type used and also other factors, such as exact location in the county.

While the aid is one time, emergency assistance may be available from MCAC if your household is disconnected from an energy source that is needed for heating and/or a delivered-fuel supplier. So if you are just about out of fuel, or disconnected, then apply for crisis LIHEAP in Alabama. It the goal of the non-profit agency to provide quality service to as many low income qualified residents of Montgomery County Alabama as possible.

When seeking help, be sure to bring proof of income, check stubs, expenses, copy of recent utility bills and more. You should also have ID and/or Social Security card of all household members. Also, those local households without an elderly member 60 years or older or an infant child under the age of must provide the following, such as Doctor’s statement or a Medicaid/Medical Insurance Card. You can call the agency for more details and specifics.

Speak to a case management from Montgomery Community Action Agency for referrals to other financial aid. They can provide insight into section 8 low income housing and rental subsidies, homeless assistance programs (including security deposit assistance), and public aid such as TANF cash assistance.





A food program was created in an effort provide free nutritional services, food, groceries and more in an effort to reduce malnutrition and hunger among the low income residents in Montgomery County. Thousands of people use the programs, including those operate by MCAC at various neighborhood service center centers and pantries. There are local grant and loan programs in Alabama for meeting basic needs and paying some of these expenses.

Another resource is the Family Gardening Project. This particular program provides free seeds, fertilizer, guidance and so called start up assistance to families from the county that are interested in starting a garden. If they do that, they can plant and harvest their own fresh vegetables, which will offer them a form of food assistance. Ultimately, this program is designed to help families reduce their overall cost of food and groceries, while also promoting healthy eating habits.

A Youth Council from MCAC partners with several different local organizations to increase the awareness of local community issues, execute educational goals, and in effect provide a safe haven for youth.
For more information on these or other programs, stop by 1066 Adams Avenue in Montgomery, AL 36104. Or dial (334) 263-3474.




By Jon McNamara

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