Free community clinics and health centers in Rochester area or Monroe County.

Low income and uninsured individuals in Rochester as well as Monroe County can receive assistance from a free community clinic. There is health as well as dental care for adults as well as children or seniors. A number of health and dental centers, as well as community clinics near them, administer several services for those who need access to free or low cost medical or health care.

An extensive listing of the clinics to call in Monroe County New York for help are listed below. If one is not near you or can’t meet your needs, then referrals may be provided. Many locations administer comprehensive medical and dental care for the less fortunate, or for those who have no health insurance or who are underinsured. In general, the lower your income, the less you will need to pay towards medical bills. Clinics can offer family care, dental cleanings, physicals, vaccinations, prescription medications, and much more. Or find other sources of uninsured healthcare in New York State.

Albion Health Center
Address - 301 West Ave.
Albion New York 14411
Phone number - 585-589-5613

Oak Orchard Community Health Center
Address of clinic is - 300 West Ave
Brockport New York 14420
Main phone number - 585-637-390
This clinic focuses its services on the uninsured and low income in Brockport NY area.

Another location of Oak Orchard Community Health Center
245 S Main St
Brockport NY 14420
A sliding fee scale can provide the working poor and individuals with no health insurance reduced rates on their bills. Or the lowest income may get free health care. Referrals to specialists can be provided too.





Middletown Community Health Center
Address - 505 St Rt. 208 111
Monroe NY 10950
Main center phone number - 845-783-6097

Clinton Family Health Center
293 Upper Falls Blvd.
Rochester New York 14605
Monroe County families can receive wide ranging primary and specialty care services. X-rays, vision, pharmacy services and much more is provided to the disadvantaged. Medicaid and private insurance is accepted.

Eastman Dental Center
Location - 228 E Main St
Rochester NY 14604
Main number to dial is 585-263-6599 for appointments or hours.
Dentists, hygienists, and other professionals may be able to offer free cleanings, extractions, and other services to people who lack dental insurance.





Edison Tech Health Center
655 Colfax St.
Rochester NY 14606
Phone - 585-647-2200

Family Health Associates – Call them for information on family medical care.
Location - 819 Main St. W.
Rochester New York 14611
Main telephone number is - 716-464-3069

Freddie Thomas Health Center
Address - 625 Scio St.
Rochester New York 14605
Call 585-262-8850
Assistance is provided. Medical professionals can administer immunizations, prenatal and family care, flu shots, cancer screening, well-child check-ups, and more. Both under and uninsured may qualify.

Freedom House
Address - 81 Barberry Ter.
Rochester NY 14621
Phone number - 585-232-1840

Genesis House
Address is 35 Ardmore St.
Rochester New York 14611
Phone number is 585-454-4197

House of Mercy
Location is 725 Hudson Avenue
Rochester NY 14621
Main phone number - 585-546-2580




John James Audubon Health Center
500 Webster Ave.
Rochester NY 14609
A federal government qualified health center, so it offers free assistance for the lowest income in Monroe County New York. Some primary care services may be free.

Jordan Health Link
82 Holland Street
Rochester New York 14605
Some of the services offered include checkups, immunizations, medications, and referrals to specialty care.

Highland Hospital of Rochester Highland Family Medicine
777 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, New York 14620
(585) 279-4800 Service/Intake
Basic checkups, physicals, and other aid. Variable fees may be provided for billing purposes. Primary health care center for ages including newborns to geriatrics. Medical assistance can deal with pediatric needs, obstetrics, dermatology, minor surgical procedures, and gynecology.

McCree McCuller Wellness Center Southwest
89 Genesee St
Rochester New York 14611
Main number - 585-368-3200

Mercy Outreach Center
Location - 142 Webster Avenue
Rochester New York 14609
Primary phone number - 585-288-2634
Among other services, get help in apply for government assistance programs, from both the federal government as well as New York state. Seniors in Monroe County who are on Medicare can get help from the charity clinic.

Northeast Health Service
Call the center using the number below, or stop by the address at 1425 Portland Ave.
Rochester NY 14621

Outreach Community Center
Address - 447 Genesee St.
Rochester NY 14611
Phone number - 585-328-0887
The community clinic will try not to turn any Monroe County families away. However, they may offer referrals to specialists and other regional hospitals. Fully comprehensive medical care or prescription medications may be offered.





Pluta Family Oral Health Center
Main address - 222 Alexander St.
Rochester New York 14607
Dental care, cleanings, and the like are offered.

Rochester Primary Care Network – Some of the primary care offered by medical professionals affiliated with this network may be free, or offered for low cost. There is Well-Child Checks; Chronic Disease Management; Flu Shots, Immunizations; mental health and pharmacy services; and other services.
259 Monroe Ave. B
Rochester NY 14607
Phone number - 585-325-2280

Saint Mary's Dental Group
Address - 909 W. Main St. 20
Rochester New York 14611
Telephone number: 585-368-3023
Basic medical care offered by this church.

Salem Church of Christ
60 Bittner St.
Rochester NY 14604
Dial 585-454-5973 to reach a member at the church.
Another church that can offer basic medical care to Rochester New York and Monroe County patients.

Sanctuary House
Address - 715 Dewey Ave.
Rochester NY 14613
Telephone: 585-277-7550

Sojourner House
Location - 30 Millbank
Rochester New York 14619
Dial the health center at 585-436-7100

St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center
417 South Ave.
Rochester New York 14620
The health care center provides care for the uninsured and under-insured in Monroe County based off of a sliding fee scale that takes into account household size and income. This means the charges and medical bills are based on the patients income.

St. Martin's Place
Location - 55 Ontario St.
Rochester NY 14605
Phone number is 585-325-6500. Call for details on how to qualify for saving on your medical or hospital bills.





The Bridge
Address is - 584 Jefferson Ave.
Rochester NY 14611
Telephone number - 585-328-1940
The medical center may offer well and sick child services, school and work physicals, immunizations, prescription medication. Variable billing and a charity program/assistance may be administered. Contact the billing department.

Unified Mission
Address - 102 Reynolds St.
Rochester NY 14608
Community clinic phone number to dial is 585-235-0350 for appointment or hours.

Unity Dental Group
Location - 89 Genesee St.
Rochester New York 14619
Dial - 585-368-3031
The low income as well as patients (adults or children) on Medicaid can get free dental cleanings, exams, fluoride and other work.

Unity Mobile Medical Unit – A mobile unit that will go on location in Monroe County.
89 Genesee St.
Rochester New York 14611
Phone number: 585-368-3720

1050 East Ave. 1st United Methodist Church
Rochester NY 14607
Phone number of church is 585-271-1050
Medical care is for those meeting income or poverty levels. It includes free examinations for low-income residents and the uninsured.

Westside Health Services
Location - 480 Genesee St.
Rochester New York 14611
Telephone: 585-436-3040

Women's Place
140 Hobart St.
Rochester New York 14611
A non-profit, government qualified Monroe County clinic. Some of what can be provided include free medications, lab work, physicals, and care for your child. Patients need to be found qualified for free care based on their income or insurance status. They also help with pregnancy testing, teen check ups, and other female health concerns.


By Jon McNamara

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