Mission Arlington Fort Worth Texas area assistance programs.

Working with partner agencies and charities, Mission Arlington provides assistance to struggling Fort Worth and Texas families. They can address a number of basic needs, such as food, clothing, rent, housing, and short term financial support.

The charity relies on donations and contributions of other organizations and volunteers, among others. Therefore resources from Mission Arlington are always limited. However they do their best to assist the less fortunate in the community with their needs. The main site is at 210 W. South St. Arlington, Texas 76010. Call (817) 277-6620 for details.

Financial assistance is available, but is limited. Qualified low income families may get help with rent, mortgage payments, utility bills and more. Some support may even be for prescription medications or security deposit fees. If they can’t help, then referrals may be available to other Fort Worth or Tarrant County agencies or to government benefits. (817) 277-6620.

Mission Arlington can provide legal assistance to individuals in need. A specialty is addressing those the need of those that need documentation such as certified true copies of their birth certificates, support with job applications, or renewal of their driver’s licenses. Or get help with the processing of social security identification cards. Immigrants can be assisted too. These documents are key to getting government benefits.

Rides and Transportation Services are available from Mission Arlington. They try to provide different modes of transportation for people in need of mobility due to childcare needs, education, work or employment reasons, job trainings, social service or tutoring. The agency relies heavily on donations and volunteer drivers as well.

If you need a car, Mission Arlington receives donated automobiles in both running and non-working order. In some cases volunteer mechanics from Tarrant County tune up the vehicles to revert them back to working conditions. Afterwards, the agency dispatches it to an eligible recipient.

Bikes can be very valuable. Not only they a great gift for adults, children and teens, but they serve other purposes. Nonetheless, they also provide mobility for people to get to work or school. So they may be available for those who cannot afford to take other means of transportation.




Free Gasoline Vouchers may be passed out too.  With gasoline prices seeming to be always increasing, families struggle to get to work because they do not have enough financial resources to fill up their tanks. On a limited period, Mission Arlington hands out gas vouchers to help people make it to work, job training, or to get through life-threatening emergencies.

Mission Arlington makes sure donations of basic needs, such as clothing, groceries, furniture, appliances and other household items reach their destinations, that being low income families. It evenly distributes supplies of food items, personal hygiene items, free diapers, baby formula and other resources to its constituents. Thereby, the agency is in constant need of non-perishable items to fill its inventory and to be prepared to support families in need.

A thrift store and clothing bank are available too. It is located at the main Mission campus and in other charity locations, Mission Arlington of Fort Worth Texas provides adult and children’s clothes free of charge. Men and women can find clothes for work, job interviews, and children can find their school clothes.

  • Appliances and Furniture – may be for those who have experienced major losses due to flood, fire and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Basic needs - The community, churches and others donate household items. Mission Arlington then gives them directly to the less fortunate. In-kind donations include items such as blankets, dishes, picture frames, silverwares and all sorts of homemaking items.
  • Technical support volunteers and specialists at Mission Arlington restore donated computer systems to give to children in the community. Subsequently, Mission Arlington offers computer classes held at different times throughout the community.

Education and Academic support from Mission Arlington help students and teenagers be the best they can be. Children and adults can take part in these scholarly programs to enhance learning, be motivated to stay in school and to continue forming skills that can be used in daily life.

After School Programs are available on most days. Every week, participating students and children from Tarrant County public schools receive help with their homework during the school year in multiple locations. Transportation is available at times to the sites. Call (817) 277-6620 for details.

Free school supplies, including paper, pencils and other school essentials are part of students’ success in learning. The Arlington Independent School District requires students to have these basic tools to start they year. Therefore, each summer or fall, Mission Arlington collaborates with the community to provide the start-up school supplies for low-income families.

Other educational support includes ESL classes, conversation English, and Summer Camps. These are for children, students, immigrants and others from the county.





Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter assistance and other seasonal programs are held. For example, thousands of income qualified parents choose gifts for their loved ones at no cost from the Christmas Store. It relies on donations. Toys, games, clothing, and more may be available for children.

Mission Arlington runs a Easter Program. Aid is available from a store, where clothes, trinkets and candies are offered. Also, during Thanksgiving, the non-profit delivers turkeys, hams, and food baskets to thousands of less-fortunate and homeless people.

Medical and dental programs from Mission Arlington

Personal Medical Equipment from the Mission Arlington-Metroplex Medical Equipment Closet allows financially-strained individuals to get help. Tjhey can get support with medical conditions and can borrow durable equipment. There is no charge for the equipment. The supplies are loaned for as long a someone needs it and they qualify.

Dental care is part of what is offered at the Allan Saxe Dental Clinic. It provides free, quality dental care to low-income and/or uninsured residents of Tarrant County. It also has served residents of neighboring communities such as Mansfield, Pantego, Kennedale and Dalworthington Gardens in Texas.
Free dental services at the Allan Saxe Clinic include the following. Look into tooth extractions, dental check-ups, cleanings, basic fillings, and denture care. A limited number of income qualified patients receive root canals and crowns.




Medical assistance is from the Dr. Bob Mann Clinic as well. Services are for residents of arrant County portion of Grand Prairie and surrounding communities of Dalworthington Gardens, Kennedale, Mansfield, and Pantego. The community clinic is a collaboration of nurses, medical doctors, churches, pharmacies, retired medical professionals, drug supply companies.


By Jon McNamara

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