Minnesota assistance with paying hospital bills.

Albert Lea Medical Center

They offer a financial assistance program known as ALMC Care. This hospital bill assistance program has been available to help those who are not eligible for other government medical or health care assistance programs. ALMC Care is a financial assistance program, not a health insurance program.

They offer a financial assistance program known as ALMC Care. This charity care, or hospital bill assistance program, has been available for several years. It was created in an effort to help those who are not eligible for other government medical or public health care assistance programs. ALMC Care is a direct financial assistance program and it is not health insurance. So this should benefit patients even more directly.

Financial Assistance provided by Albert Lea is done so by providing free or discounted health care to persons who cannot afford to pay their bills or who lack insurance. One of the key factors that needs to be decided is the fact that the Mayo Clinic would need to ultimately determine that they would not receive payment from the individual. The Albert Lea Medical Center may determine the patients inability to pay either before or after care is given, so the program is fairly flexible.

Patients who need more information, who have been identified as a potential recipient, or who want to apply for charity care should inquire by dialing 888-999-2386. If you call in advance of your surgery or appointment, then you will be informed of the application process before receiving services. Or if this is done after the appointment, then the patient will be notified of the availability of charity care after the billing and/or debt collection process has begun.

If you go to the emergency room, and it is later determined that you cannot pay your bill, then you may be classified as charity care if you do not have a job, insurance, mailing address, or a permanent home. Consideration will also be given by ALMC to classifying emergency room patients as charity if they do not have, or can’t provide, information as to their financial status. Many individuals in Minnesota who receive free medical care are very low income, uninsured, or even homeless. All of them have limited resources to cover the cost of their care.

If you are found to be eligible for the ALMC care hospital bill assistance program then you can expect to pay lower hospital bills. These savings may also be combined with other aid from Albert Lea Medical Center. Dial 888-999-2386.





Allina Health Partners Care

Patients of United Hospital and other centers may receive free or discounted medical care. Several resources are available.

  • Partners Care Program - If someone’s meets condition, then Allina Health may waive your entire bill. However if you received elective services then those bills may still need to be paid.
  • MedEligible Services from Allina Health provides advocacy and case management support to patients who have difficulty paying their hospital and medical bills. Staff members from MedEligible Services can educate individuals and families. They will work with you and help you apply for federal government, state of Minnesota and other aid. Some of what may be offered includes Medicaid and Medicare, drug discount program, Social Security, Veteran's Administration programs, and more.
  • Uninsured Discount Program is offered for people who do not qualify for Medicaid and who lack health insurance. Patients who meet guidelines will still receive a discount on medically necessary hospital bills and related expenses.

To learn about these or other programs, call Allina Health Partners Care or United Hospital at 1-800-859-5077.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Patients who are struggling, unemployed, or who lack health insurance may qualify for discounts or charity care. Financial counselors and case workers who are part of Hennepin County Medical Center may implement some type of payment plan to help patients make it through a difficult period and pay for their medical bills.

As part of this process, counselors will try to enroll you into public health insurance plans. Or the hospital may decide that you qualify for direct financial assistance from Hennepin Care.

  • Referrals - Work with a counselor for public health care program enrollment. If a counselor decides you are eligible for a state of Minnesota or federal government public health care program such as Medicaid, Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, a specialist will help you complete an application.
  • Hennepin Care Enrollment - Qualified patients can receive a 100% discount on their bills. This is offered as part of a financial assistance program known as Hennepin Care. While the exact of your discount will vary based on factors such as your total family income, assets, number of household members, and current medical debt, the bottom line is that savings are fairly common.
  • Advice and referrals are always available from an on site financial counselor. The individuals will help you determine what programs and resources (if any) that you qualify for and they will help you complete an application. While patients can in theory ask for help at any time, it is usually best to seek assistance before your surgery/service.
  • Self-Pay Discount - If a patient has no other options or assistance programs available, this discount can always be sued.

Call Hennepin County Medical Center or a counselor at 612-873-2767 for more information.

In addition to those discounts and payment plans above, patients and families can find other Minnesota assistance programs.




By Jon McNamara

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