Heating bill assistance in Minnesota.

Find how to get help paying your winter heating bill in Minnesota. A number of emergency assistance programs are administered for seniors, low income, the jobless, and others. Almost all energy companies in Minnesota offer help, including Minnesota Energy Resources, CenterPoint, and Xcel Energy.

The companies partner with the Salvation Army in Minneapolis and St. Paul to administer HeatShare. It provides heating bill assistance, emergency furnace repairs, and other aid to people who have no other options available to them. Funds are distributed by the Salvation Army across the state, and the money can help pay for various types of energy bills, including wood, natural gas, heating oil, electricity, and propane. It can even be used to pay for the tune up or minor repairs of your heating system. Thousands of customers from Minnesota Energy Resources, Xcel, and other companies benefit, and call your local Salvation Army center to apply.

Heating bills can also be paid for by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the state of Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program. Grants can be used to pay both heating bills as well as for furnace repairs. Get help paying for the repair or replacement of a malfunctioning heating systems. The exact amount of aid paid out will depend on factors including your income, number of household members, fuel type (water gas, oil, etc.) and other factors. An emergency component can help customers who are faced with disconnection of their CenterPoint Energy or other company’s bills. More details.

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule will allow residents to keep their natural gas or heating service on when they need it most, which is really during the cold winter months. The goal is to ensure people are as warm and safe as possible during the winter. The state and the city of Minneapolis created the Minnesota Cold Weather Rule to protect consumers from illegal shut offs of their heat from October 15 to April 15, and is offered for all energy companies including Xcel Energy and CenterPoint.

All customers, no matter who your utility company is, are eligible for a payment plan that is offered as part of this cold weather rule. If you agree to and enter into an agreement and also make your monthly payments on time, you are protected from any natural gas service or electricity shut off, and are not subject to collection activity. Those who are signed up for Low Income Energy Assistance Program will even be entered into a more favorable payment plan as part of the Cold Weather Rule.





Save money on your heating bills from the Weatherization Program. Your home can be made more energy efficient and less drafty as a result of free improvements. People can save hundreds of dollars per year from this free program. Receive insulation, testing, repair, or replacement of homeowner mechanical systems, caulking and more.

Reach Out for Warmth is yet another option for customers. It was created by the Minnesota Department of Economic Security's Energy Program Unit, and applications are accepted at 40 local non-profit agencies, including several in the Twin Cities. Receive money for heating bills as well as furnace repairs.

Gas Affordability Program is also offered for LIHEAP approved clients. This will provide residents with a monthly credit on their natural gas bills, and the amount you will need to pay for your heating bills is capped at 6 percent of your income. A credit can also be applied to any past due amount that you owe on your Minnesota Energy Resources or CenterPoint bills.

Shut-off Protection is offered by many energy companies, and it for military members and their families, and this is for those households with an active duty member in the military. If you, your spouse, or an immediate family member is called to active duty, then your heating service in the winter will not be disconnected for up to 90 days. You may be able to extend that as well.

Many companies offer Medical Emergency Protection, as they do not want to turn off the power of someone with a medical condition. Customers from CenterPoint and Xcel Energy, as well as other providers, can qualify for reconnection or continuance of their natural gas service if the disconnection will threaten the safety or health.




By Jon McNamara

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