Metro Ministries emergency assistance programs in Nueces County.

When in need of referrals or emergency assistance, Metro Ministries is one of the leading agencies to call upon in Nueces County. The organization works to ensure the vulnerable are housed, have food, and are able to experience holiday job with their children. Everything from grants to help pay security deposits to food from the Loaves and Fishes Free Cafeteria is available.

The non-profit does its best to provide for the needs of families living in poverty, immigrants, and the less fortunate. They also partner with other human services resources as well as charities in the greater Nueces County community, including Vineyard Social Services in Corpus Christi. In fact, all requests for assistance need to go through Vineyard.

When Metro Ministries can't assist, they link families to other services as part of the Referral Program. This ensures people have some access to support. There may be information on applying for SSI disability to SNAP food stamps, TANF, and more. This will also be combined with ongoing follow up to ensure that all needs have been met over time.

The Loaves and Fishes Free Cafeteria as well as food pantry serves nutritious dine-in lunches to minimize hunger. There are free dinners for up to 100 people Monday through Friday, to all in need, including the elderly, homeless, working poor, disabled, and senior citizens. The Cafeteria also furnishes all meals, including breakfast, lunch and sack lunches for diners who are employed, to residents of the local shelters in Nueces County.

Basic needs can be met, often at no cost. There is free or low cost clothing and shoes for men, women, and children are available at the Metro Ministries Thrift Boutique. For those that qualify, they can receive a free clothing voucher specifically for each family member to shop for free. Goods available may include Work clothes, coats, uniforms, blankets, jackets, school supplies, and hygiene goods. In addition, the general public is welcome to come in and shop at the Thrift Boutique too.

Metro Ministries is also able to help with housing needs and those who are homeless. There is also assistance for people at risk (such as from eviction) or unsure of where they will sleep from one night to the next. The center provides money for security deposits, case management, shelter, support services, and programs.





When it comes to housing, it is temporary in nature.  There are short term, emergency shelters as well as temporary vouchers for rental assistance or deposits. Case management is always stressed too, especially in the Corpus Christi Texas area.

The goal of Metro Ministries' Homeless Shelter program is to provide temporary, emergency housing and case management services to help residents gain greater self-sufficiency and the ability to live independently. A few centers are available.

The Rustic House was created to serve as a transitional housing program for homeless men who are mentally or physically disabled as well as senior citizens. The Metro Ministries facility includes case management around employment, credit repair and more. It will encourage residents to work toward gaining greater self-sufficiency and moving into more independent living situations.

Those who successfully complete the stay in the Rustic House also receive assistance with finding permanent housing. There are applications to financial assistance with security and utility deposits and the first month's rent; and free furniture, appliances and basic household items for their new apartment.

The other housing service in Nueces County is the Rainbow House Shelter. This is for homeless women, either with or without children. Once someone enrolls into this Metro Ministries center, they enter the  shelter or transitional housing program. Women, including single moms, are also encouraged to gain greater self-sufficiency and independence from public assistance.

The services from the center also assist with housing searches and provides a minimum of six months of follow-up services for clients who successfully complete the program. The women and their children, especially single mothers, will also learn about a number of programs available to them. There is everything from food to medical care, rent, and more. Find financial aid for single moms.





The Metro Ministries Dr. James Gabbard Memorial Health Clinic depends on volunteer doctors and nurses. When it operates, it is a free primary care medical clinic that offers vision testing, medical and dental exams. The center also provides free medications; and works with the Lions Club in supplying eye-wear to those in need. Referrals to a more permanent medical home and help with enrollment in public assistance programs are also available through the clinic.

Youth Programs from the charity serve five to seventeen-year-old children of low-income families and agency clients. Services for teens and immigrants in Corpus Christi include the following. There are free summertime lunches during school vacation, Christmas gifts through Adopt-a-Family, New back packs filled with school supplies in the fall, as well as Referrals to summer camps in Nueces County.

In a crisis, Metro Ministries provide free Christmas and holiday gifts. Sometimes, as a result of unforeseen financial emergencies, it becomes difficult for parents to afford toys for their children. For those that qualify, the Christmas Toyland seasonal program is available.

The non-profit will collaborate with fellow community service agencies to screen low income parents or grandparents for need, and help those who are found eligible with obtaining gifts for their children, up to the age of sixteen. The non-profit, partnering with local donors, strong believes that Christmas presents should be from the parents, and collect items throughout the year to stock the holiday Toyland shop.

Metro Ministries is based at 1919 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78408. Call them at (361) 887-0151 for details.



By Jon McNamara

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