Memphis housing authority assistance programs.

The local HUD certified non-profit known as Memphis housing authority (MHA) can help struggling tenants, the homeless, and homeowners in the city and Shelby. Several services are available, and they will include subsidies from housing choice vouchers as well as referrals to emergency grants for eviction prevention. Homeowners from across Memphis can also benefit from assistance from the non-profit, as they arrange low cost or free foreclosure counseling as well.

Short term housing solutions in Memphis

The homeless may be referred to emergency shelters, especially during the colder winter months or warmer summer period. Clients of the agency may then graduate into transitional housing, and this is more mid term solution that will not only provide housing but other guidance and support.

There are transitional housing programs for veterans, single parents with children, and the elderly in Memphis. Each type of program will focus on meeting a certain need, and the non-profit and its staff will do their best to address the root cause of the crisis impacting the family as well.

Public Housing and low income apartments are also located in Shelby County. There are dozens of apartments, homes, and other units in the region that allow very low income and formerly homeless people to live in them. The homes are sometimes rented to Memphis low-income families under the Public Housing Low Rent Assistance Program, so the monthly rental costs will be much lower than a typical home. There is a waiting list and restrictions on these though.

Financial support from Memphis housing authority

There are programs that rely on federal government resources, such as Emergency Solution Grant, or state of Tennessee funds. As resources allow, there may be help for low income and working poor households, and each service is customized to try to needs of the local community.

ESG, which Memphis housing authority has information on, provides emergency funding for programs for those who are homeless or at-risk of eviction. It also provides help to people facing foreclosure. These grants may provide assistance toward security deposits, first month's rent, a partial mortgage payment or past-due rent. It is often combined with mediation and other guidance for tenants and homeowners.




Both Rent and Utility Delinquency is arranged through cash grants or loan funds. Other services will include mediation with landlord, money/debt management, payment plans with power companies, and ongoing supportive counseling services. This is another form of support from Memphis housing authority that can help with financial challenges.

Section 8 is run in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This allows senior citizens as well as very low income families and individuals to receive rental assistance for an approved home or apartment in the private sector. All units will need to be inspected by Housing Authority staff to assure that they are meet federal government housing quality standards.

In order to receive a voucher, which normally has a waiting list, households must meet income guidelines set by the federal government. There are also restrictions on age and other conditions in place. When applying to section 8 from the Memphis housing authority, all income is included such as social security, wages, public assistance, disability, and more.

Counseling coordinates a full range of support to tenants and homeowners. Each is designed to assist them in resolving their housing-related issues, whether it is delinquent rent or maybe an expensive mortgage. Another goal of staff from Memphis housing authority is to help people understand the responsibilities of tenancy and/or homeownership.

Memphis housing authority (MHA) clients work with HUD certified housing counselors to design an action plan to solve the problem at hand as well as thoroughly review the situation. As part of this process, counselors from the agency give individuals all options that may be available to them, ranging from moving to counseling or applying for financial aid. Some of the counseling available is free Foreclosure Prevention Workshops as well as landlord and tenant mediation among others.




FSS Family Self-Sufficiency is often part of this counseling process as well. This was designed to assist low-income families in both breaking the cycle of homelessness as well as dependency on public assistance programs. The client will need to, among other things, develop a personalized savings and development plan for each member of the household.

All resources limited, and the office is at 700 Adams Avenue in the city of Memphis. As noted, most of the housing programs will have a waiting list in place.


By Jon McNamara

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