Locate Massachusetts prescription drug assistance programs and plans.

Massachusetts Senior and Disabled Assistance

Massachusetts offers qualified lower income families and others a variety of prescription drug insurance plans and assistance programs. Some of the programs offered by the state do not have income limits for senior citizens. However there are usually some income limits and guidelines in place for other applicants, such as the disabled or low income families.

For seniors and the disabled, Massachusetts will help pay deductibles, coverage gap payments, and copayments as part of a resource known as Prescription Advantage. The amount paid out to clients is based upon a sliding scale, with 6 different income levels in place. All participants need to be currently enrolled in the federal government Medicare program. If you are found to be qualified, the state of Massachusetts will help pay Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan costs. It is supplemental coverage and will help senior citizens and others limit their own personal out of pocket costs.


The state government also offers MassMedLine, which is a free, confidential service that is available to all Massachusetts residents. It provides information on many aspects of prescription drugs, available plans and assistance programs, and more to all those who are seeking information regarding their medications. Massachusetts state residents can speak to both case managers and pharmacists on a one-on-one basis in order to receive free personal assistance and guidance. Ask questions and get advice with your pharmacy and other drug related questions. Callers can also be directed to additional federal government and state prescription assistance programs that can help families with paying the cost of medications and drug bills. Call the MassMedLine at 1-866-633-1617 for more information.





Prescription Drug Discount Card

This discount card from NACO is available in many counties across Massachusetts. The discount card was created to help all people, including both uninsured and underinsured, who need help with paying for their drug costs. The card is free to use and sign up for. It is accepted by thousands of pharmacies and it provides immediate savings of almost 25% off the full retail price of any needed prescription drug medications.

The Massachusetts AIDs and HIV Drug Assistance Program

For residents who do not have health insurance, or who meet very low income standards, they may qualify for FDA approved medications. Assistance is only offered for patients who were diagnosed and who are being treated with, HIV or AIDs. All prescription drugs will be FDA approved. To get details on this service call 800-228-2714.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services (MCPHS)

This Pharmacy Outreach Program provides residents a number of services and resources. The state will offer prescription drug plan referrals, medication counseling, and will direct consumers to other prescription drug assistance plans. For example, speak to a case manager for referrals for free health care.

Many Massachusetts families can’t afford their medications. If you fall into this category, then staff from the MCPHS Pharmacy Outreach program will work with you. They will try to find private agency programs or other drug company programs on your behalf. This can usually offer consumers substantial savings.

Staff will also review your financial condition. A number of people may be eligible for free or discounted medications from a state or federal government program and they may not even know it. Many private plans will be explored as well. While counseling and advice is offered, the MCPHS Pharmacy Outreach Program does not have money or prescription drugs to give to people to help them pay for prescription drugs. Call 617-732-2759 to speak to a counselor.

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By Jon McNamara

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