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Jackson, Madison, Gibson County area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Several emergency assistance programs are administered by the Salvation Army in the Madison County region of Tennessee. Examples include food pantries, housing and rent assistance, funds for utilities, shelter, and more. All services are offered to the less fortunate with dignity, confidentially and respect.

The demand for the Salvation Army resources has increased, mostly due to the weak economy. Only a fraction of those seeking help can be supported and many families need to be turned away. This is mostly due to limited resources. The local centers serve the low income in Madison, Henderson, Chester, Carroll, Gibson, Haywood, and Crockett Counties. Multiple offices are also located in the Tennessee region.

Most of the sites have some form of food pantry. They offer groceries, meal distributions and other services for seniors and the needy. The free food can be passed out weekly, daily, or monthly. It really depends on what has been donated. The food is usually available as a last resort and to address an emergency. It is for the working poor and senior citizens in Jackson and Madison County area. It can help people who otherwise can’t afford groceries on their own.

Emergency assistance, some of which is financial, can help qualified families and individuals in the community. Many people from Chester and Madison County receive support as well.

  • Utilities and rent assistance is offered. This is usually when the applicant is facing eviction or disconnection of their power. A portion of your unpaid bill or rent may be paid out.
  • In addition to the pantries mentioned above, the Salvation Army may have Supermarket Vouchers. These allow people to shop just for what they need.
  • Emergency shelter is available in the Jackson Tennessee area. It can be for single parents, women, and children. Those who stay there can also usually get a free meal.
  • Basic needs can be addressed. This includes gently used furniture, household goods, or clothing.

General support services are offered. Most of the Salvation Army Corps in Henderson County and Jackson provide basic case management, counseling, job programs, referral and advocacy. These social services have the goal of helping the client gain stability, and a well paying, stable job can go a long way towards this.




Some of the sites in Tennessee may offer Developmental Group Programs. These can be for adults, children, or their guardians and are wide ranging in scope and availability. They can help increase social development challenges for lower income or struggling persons who would not have access to such services. Some examples of these social resources include After-School Programs and Tutoring, Day Care Programs for Children, Career Connections Centers, Adult Literacy/GED Lessons, and general Life Skills Adults and Children.

This Salvation Army resources also are effective in sustaining assistance. So this will help ensure the family, child, or senior continues to get the psychological, spiritual and material support they need to make a difference over the long term.

Note that all Salvation Army assistance programs and social services differ by location. But they are extensive. Some of what may be offered in the Jackson Tennessee location or nearby counties such as Gibson or Haywood are as follows.

  • Get information on help for seniors, including elderly residential centers.
  • Referrals can be provided to medical and dental clinics, including basic check ups and drug treatment centers.
  • Holiday assistance, including free toys for children, meals for families, and the traditional Salvation Army Christmas cheer programs.
  • Also look into domestic violence shelters and/or transitional housing homes and apartments.





Disaster relief is available. The Salvation Army is often the first non-profit agency on location and can provide assistance. It may be a hot meal, cup of coffee or cold drink, free food, shelter, a warm blanket, or vouchers. They are involved in the distribution of clothing, medications, food, relief supplies, and any other necessary goods. They also work with other agencies such as the American Red Cross in Tennessee. Together these groups offer an immediate response in an effort to provide hope to those affected by disaster.

To expand on the Transitional Housing and Shelter Services indicated above, the Salvation Army Corps works in preventing eviction, assisting the homeless, and re-housing people in Madison County. They can help men, women, single parents, children and families find a temporary home. Case mangers will put them into an environment in which they can prepare for a new, successful life.

The social workers want to get them as close to real life as possible and provide short and long term support. The case management enables residents in this part of Tennessee to set goals and achieve them. They will include employment and financial goals, among others.

Locations of regional Salvation Army centers

If you need help, call one of the nearby centers for assistance or referrals.

  • 125 Allen Ave  Jackson, TN 38301, call (731) 422-1271
  • Center at 130 S Wilson Ave, Brownsville, TN 38012, telephone (731) 779-0909
  • 304 W Washington St, Paris Tennessee. Call (731) 642-4105 for intake.




By Jon McNamara

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