Lubbock County public assistance.

A public funded and government supported program known as General Assistance is offered by Lubbock County. The resource is government run and funded by taxpayer dollars, and it is administered by a non-profit family agency. Financial assistance can be provided on a temporary basis to help pay for and address the basic living needs and expenses of low income and indigent families who are residents of Lubbock County Texas. Four main expenses are addressed by public assistance, and they include rent, food, utilities, and burial/funeral costs.

The primary objective of the program is to assist in rehabilitation of the resident and/or their family. So short term financial help may be provided, while the individual receives casework services and longer term self-sufficiency. This can include job training, employment, career counseling, social services, and other aid.

The Family Agency's amounts of monetary assistance distributed will be set by the County Commissioners Court. This government organization is solely responsible for all policies, changes, and overall program requirements.

Public assistance programs in Lubbock County

Utility bill assistance - Payment may be provided for electric and utility bills. Any type of financial assistance will be provided for the current month only, and the county does not assist with paying deposits for connection or establishing service. The utility services must be paid for and connected by the applicant. The family agency does not pay telephone bills with any public funds.

Lubbock County rental assistance. The government program may be able assist with payment of housing costs such as rent for the current month only. The landlord needs to work with the county, and they need to verbally agree to accept amounts offered by this office and therefore cooperate with the program. The agency will not assist with providing funds for paying security deposits or will not pay any rent amounts in arrears. Additional amounts are provided to a tenant if their monthly rent also includes utility services.

Food can be provided from an emergency grocery order. However before a possible applicant can apply for an emergency grocery order, the applicant needs to provide proof from the local Food Stamp office showing why they are not eligible for food stamps from any federal or public assistance programs. People can apply for food at most once every six months.





Burial and funeral cost assistance.  The deceased must have passed away in Lubbock County Texas in order to be considered for burial or public assistance for funeral costs. Unfortunately if a Lubbock County resident dies outside of the County, then the government program cannot commit to paying for the expense of having the body transported back to the county. They may still help family in these cases too if they can partner with another agency on the transportation costs.

There are several qualifications that need to be met by applicants. Some of them include the household applying for public assistance needs to include either a minor child or a totally disabled adult. In addition, the applying Lubbock County individual must have been without income for thirty days. The Head of household must be married or at least 18 years of age, and they must have also lived in the county for at least the last 30 days. Other conditions may need to be met before receiving financial assistance for the basic needs indicated above.

The Family Agency which runs the Lubbock County General Assistance program is based at 916 Main Street, Suite 104, Lubbock, TX 79401. The primary phone number is 806-775-1080.




By Jon McNamara

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