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Low interest rate payday loans from LendUp.

Short term loans are provided by LendUp to borrowers of all income levels. The funds issued by the company will have a much lower interest rate than a traditional payday loan. They also offer consumers the ability to improve their credit and the company provides a solid alternative to high priced payday lenders.

They are able to provide this service to consumers as they keep their costs low and more importantly, LendUp works with borrowers to help them gain stability. Consumers can use their credit education services, explore repayment solutions when facing a hardship, and take advantage of what is known as the LendUp Ladder. In addition to all of that, they also are committed to following all state and federal government regulations and rules. They operate as a socially responsible, direct lender and are even partly owned by companies such as Google.

Benefits of receiving a loan from LendUp

Customers will be provided with clear, uncomplicated and easily accessible terms of service. There are no rollovers or hidden fees involved, and many people can receive a 30-day extension period on their loan if needed. The funds can be used for any number of needs as well, including paying rent, car repairs, security deposits, or medical bills. There are no restrictions.

If someone is struggling to prepay the loan, counselors from the company will work with consumers to find some type of alternative or extension, as noted above. After all, the goal is responsible borrowing, and they only make money when borrowers pay back the loans. They do not just rely on customers going deeper into debt like some lenders do.

They do not accept every application. In fact, only about 10-20% are taken. Those that are declined will be referred to other sources of funds, such as non-profit lenders or credit unions in their state or region.

While each application will be reviewed, and the terms will vary, some customers may be qualified for a loan with an interest rate as low as around 29%. When applying, credit scores are reviewed as well as non-traditional credit bureaus and sources of information. In many cases, public records may be reviewed as well. The goal is to asses an applicant’s ability to repay the loan on time.




Another huge benefit is that credit education and information on counseling is offered by LendUp. They work to empower customers and make them more knowledgeable. This will help them take control of their financial lives. Individuals can improve their understanding of budgets, different types of debt, and also overall financial literacy. The more educated borrowers become, they may be able to move up the Ladder in less time.

The credit education was created in partnership with experts and certified counselors. It includes videos and other methods of educating families and individuals. All of this is an added service, and LendUp provides it for free.

When borrowing money from LendUp, people have the ability to build up or improve their credit scores. They will report customer’s repayment history with all of the credit bureaus. This should result in their scores being improved over time, provided the borrower continues to make timely payments on their loans.

Services from LendUp

The LendUp Ladder is a tool that will allow people the ability to borrow more money over time and it will be at a lower interest rate. This will only occur as individuals make their payments and participate in free credit education classes / seminars. So if you repay your loan on time, your progress up the Ladder may in fact accelerate. This will lead to more favorable terms.

For those that repay their short term loans on time, they will be provided access to more money at even lower interest rates. They will build (or improve) their credit, and be offered educational services. To help ensure this will happen, the company also offers automated tools that individuals can use to track their account, such as email and text reminders, a personal dashboard, and ongoing customer service.





There are a few different levels to this Ladder concept. They include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Prime. The rates and amount that can be borrowed will be more favorable as this progression occurs. So the more successful the customer is at following all of the terms and conditions, the more benefits they will be entitled too.


By Jon McNamara

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