Public assistance from Loudoun County Department of Family Services.

When facing a crisis, the Loudoun County Department of Family Services is the leading government organization to turn to for help. They offer various emergency assistance programs and can help families apply for government benefits. Some of the primary services administered are below.

The Department of Family Services’ Emergency Support Services (ESS) Unit offers a program for monthly rent, housing or mortgage payments. There may also be assistance with utility bills, food, and other vital needs. ESS is operated as a locally funded program that provides connections with other community resources, such as the Lions’ Club Vision Program, the counties Transitional Housing Program, Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, and churches throughout the community.

In order to receive a grant from the county, eligibility is based on income level, the current availability of funding, the cause or nature of the emergency, and other factors. For more information of public aid programs and benefits, the Department of Family Services can be reached at 703-771-5851.

Homeless assistance is also available. Loudoun County DFS also serves the people that were evicted or that lost their home to foreclosure. A wide range of programs are available to them. For assistance and information on these or other option, dial 703-777-0353.

The county DFS also plays the role of coordinator for a range of public assistance programs, such as Medicaid, TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Stamps, Fuel or Utility Bill Assistance, and more. When applying for these, eligibility workers meet with clients and match their needs with the appropriate state of Virginia or federal government programs.

The county will follow all guidelines. They include federal, state of Virginia, and local regulations in regard to income level and available resources. Any aid is paid out based on documentation supplied by the clients. All applications need to be approved by Virginia Department of Social Services, whose social workers will determine benefit amounts for each program.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is run in partnership with Loudoun County Department of Family Services as well as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The federal government provides the funding.




Also known as Section 8 subsidized rental and/or utility bill assistance, the program provides various forms of rental assistance subsidies to help eligible low-income families. There is also help for the elderly and those with disabilities. They can get assistance with obtaining affordable housing at manageable prices.

The subsidy can be applied to all types of private or public housing, including apartments, single family homes, duplexes, and even condominiums. Any unit selected must meet HUD Housing and Urban Development Housing Quality Standards.

Other housing-related programs provided by DFS include emergency rental eviction, mortgage help and foreclosure prevention. The state even offers a no-interest loan program to pay for the security deposit for people that are relocating or formerly homeless. For those that need a place to live, there is an apartment and condominium guide that is available to the general public.

Loudoun County Home Improvement makes grants available to the Home Repair for the Elderly and Disabled Program, which assists disabled or elderly with emergency home repairs and/or accessibility items. It can address basic needs of the homeowner.

The Adult Dental Services program partners with a number of private and public providers, such as the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic as well as the Health Department. They work together in an effort to assist eligible Loudoun County residents with obtaining needed dental services. Some private providers charge a nominal fee for assistance. All available avenues for care will be explored to locate a dental provider who will provide services at the most affordable cost. Those in need of dental care are asked to contact DFS at 703-771-5851 to speak with the Emergency Support Services unit.





Holiday assistance is offered from "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" program. This was created in an effort to help thousands of Loudoun County families from all walks of life enjoy a wonderful holiday seasons, including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers work as a team to bring economically disadvantaged Loudoun County residents together. Community support comes from churches, schools, businesses, Department of Family Services, clubs, civic organizations, youth groups, and concerned individuals. Food, clothes, gifts, and more may be passed out.

CARE, or the Companion Animal Resource Effort, is a key partner of the holiday program above. In addition, they host a Pet Pantry at the Holiday Coalition Store. Families shopping for clothes, holiday food and toys are invited to pick up food and treats for their pets, as well.

On-Demand Transportation is an option for residents that need non-emergency transportation to medical or dental appointments. The service is intended for low-income or working poor residents who have no other viable means of transportation available to them. Medicaid recipients should take advantage of the Logisticare Transportation Program whenever possible.

Numerous other government programs and benefits are offered. For information, the office is at 102 Heritage Way, NE, Leesburg, Virginia 20176, call 703-777-0353 or 703-737-8411.



By Jon McNamara

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