Los Angeles free legal aid for eviction assistance.

Several law firms and attorneys operate in Los Angeles County and are focused on homeless and eviction prevention. While many of the organizations will offer free advice and support, others will require tenants to pay minimal fees for their services. Some of the primary law firms and agencies to contact for assistance are below.

One of the fee based services is offered by the Eviction Defense Network. This non-profit organization can help tenants and families across Los Angeles that are not able to qualify or access other services or assistance programs. Its focus is on the estimated more than 50,000 illegal evictions that are filed each and every year in the county. Many landlords or apartment managers take aggressive, and sometimes illegal actions, when it comes to their tenants, and the Eviction Defense Network may be able to help those that were impacted.

However EDN is just one of the options. As indicated, there are several other law firms in the Los Angeles County region that have focus on preventing homelessness. They will tend to offer services such as landlord/tenant mediation, free legal aid or representation in order to stop evictions, and more. Some will even have referrals to emergency rental or deposit programs, even including zero interest loans. Some of the other firms that deal with housing needs include the following.

  • Bet Tzedek Legal Services, 3250 Wilshire Blvd #13, Los Angeles, California 90010, dial (323) 939-0506
  • HALSA (HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance, Inc.), 3415 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, (213) 637-1690.
  • Inner City Law Center. Homeless prevention is available. An approach that involves job placement, case management, and one time grants or loans for paying rent may all be offered. 1309 E 7th St, Los Angeles, California 90021, dial (213) 891-2880
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, 1102 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90019, dial (323) 801-7991. There are other locations of this non-profit law firm as well, including in Santa Monica and other towns.
  • Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice - Counseling for housing needs is available. Workshops and clinics are held for tenants that are behind on their rent or that have an eviction notice from their landlord.  1241 Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023, dial (323) 980-3500.





  • Neighborhood Legal Services. Tens of thousands of families receive help from this firm. Services range from foreclosure prevention to information on tenant rights. This includes eviction prevention assistance as well. Address is 6230 Sylmar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91401, (818) 291-1760
  • Inquilinos Unidos (United Tenants) is based at Office address is 1709 W. 8th St., Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Call (213) 483-7497. This is a county wide nonprofit organization that offers assistance to low income families as well as the working poor. Get assistance in dealing with with illegal rent increases, eviction threats, lack of repairs to a home or apartment, infestations, and more.

Many people in southern California, including low and moderate-income families, are denied access to rental assistance or legal aid from these other sources. The fact is that many of the pro-bono firms and non-profits in the region just have limited resources, and they can’t help everyone that is seeking help. So the Eviction Defense Network (which is referenced above) may be able to help those that have fallen between the cracks.
The organization can also help those tenants that are currently living in uninhabitable or unsafe conditions. Lawyers from EDN can address those landlords that are seeking to circumvent local rent stabilization ordinances.

Note that all applicants are assisted on a first come and served basis. Appointments are not taken. So arrive early. An intake process is in place for new clients so the company can understand your needs and challenges. Be prepared to provide details on the status of your rent payments, why you have falling behind, and other information.




While fees are due, the EDN - Eviction Defense Network is a non-profit. They are staffed by advocates, trial lawyers, paralegals and even other tenants that are strongly dedicated to preventing evictions and defending the right to housing. The office is at 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90057, telephone number is 213-385-8112.


By Jon McNamara

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