Free fans in Lexington South Carolina.

The summers in Lexington South Carolina can be brutally hot and humid. During these hot summer days, nights, and months even a light breeze can bring much needed relief, especially to those who either lack air conditioners or who can’t afford to pay their cooling bills.

The annual Fan Donation Program is administered by the Lexington Police Department. This government organization is working to make sure low income and senior residents of the greater Lexington region can stay cool, safe, and healthy, so they provide fans to the community. The service can also benefit the low income as it will help people reduce their air conditioning and cooling bills, as the fan can be used in place of those more cooling expensive methods.

The program is really funded by donations and contributions from the local community. Churches, charities, local businesses and generous individuals all contribute to the program. Those who are citizens of the town and are in need of a free fan this summer can go to the police department to apply for assistance.

While all distributions passed out are limited, and are based on the generosity of the community, the department will do its best to fulfill every request from qualified individuals. Fans are donated as a community effort to help others in need in the Lexington SC area. Hundreds of people have benefited from this resource over the years.

The police department is always concerned for the safety of the citizens, especially seniors and the most vulnerable, in the Town of Lexington throughout the year.

It is critical to keep elderly and seniors cool during these hot summer months. Aid is especially targeted at individuals with a medical condition, or those who have had their utilities disconnected or who are facing a shut off.





Not only does the Police Department and the Salvation Army take fans and give them out to our residents at no cost, but members of the Police Department will also go and check on seniors during extreme temperatures, especially in the summer time heat and humidity. Some aid can be offered in the winter too, and the police department will check on seniors during that season too.

Volunteers and members of the local Community Action Team will also assist people who need to pick up or drop off fans Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. There is a limit of one fan per household, and all items provided will depend on available stock. Some items can even be delivered to the homebound or those that are too sick to pick up a unit.

The free fan donation program is administered from the local Police Department, which is currently located on 111 Maiden Lane in Lexington. Also stop by for other referrals and guidance to general energy bill assistance programs.





By Jon McNamara

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