Leon County public assistance.

Struggling residents of Leon County Florida can get aid from the county and its Human Services organization. Assistance provided is intended to serve as a safety net for seniors, the unemployed, and other qualified low income families and the indigent. Some short term financial assistance may be offered directly by Leon County while other resources are provided by referrals to public aid and assistance.

The health and human service programs available in the county are required in part by state of Florida laws, rules, and regulations. The government may also provide cash grants to local service providers and non-profits. Any type of services and public support is provided to those that qualify in a way that they encourage and preserve the individual's dignity and sense of self-worth. All resources are also offered on a confidential basis.

The local Office of Human Services and Community Partnerships provide the following social services to Leon County residents. They include some or all of the following.

Direct Emergency Assistance Program, or DEAP, provides cash assistance in an emergency. The aid is intended to help people with basic necessities such as utilities/fuel, rent, groceries, food and prescription medication. Any type of government support is focused on preventing homelessness, disease, sickness, and malnutrition for qualified citizens.

Health and medical care is another program offered. The county, using public funds, pay for out-of-county emergency hospital care for poor and indigent Leon County patients. It mainly assists residents without insurance.  This is a required service in Florida. Human Services can also direct the low income to free health insurance services, or those that cost minimal money.

Funeral and the Indigent Burial Program is for the poor. This assistance program provides for the cremation cost or burial of residents. The aid is intended for qualified unclaimed deceased persons or the indigent. The funeral costs are paid for at the County's expense and in their cemetery.





Grants for local non-profits are administered. While not available for the general population, Leon County Florida awards grants to local human service providers, churches, and other qualified groups.

The Medicaid Match Program is required by Florida law. Leon County pays as much as 35% of the cost of hospitalization and medical bills for Leon County patients with hospital stays that extend from the 13th through the 45th day of a month. Another benefit is that up to $55 per month is also paid for each county nursing home resident that meets qualifications.

Mental Health needs are supported too. Leon County, as required by the state of Florida, provides public aid for certain acute care programs such as alcohol abuse/chemical dependency treatment, Baker Act, community mental health programs, and more. The Human Service Department can also even contribute for transporting clients to the local State hospital. The County pays 25% of the program costs for its low income and indigent residents while the State of Florida funds the remaining 75 percent.

Thousands of people are supported in some way or another by the county. As just one example, using funds from the Direct Emergency Assistance Program, a few hundred families were assisted with paying their rent, utility bills, and other housing costs. They were also provided with prescription medication vouchers for certain conditions.

Dozens of people may be cared for by the Indigent Burial Program. Government funds help pay for burial services for low income or homeless residents in cooperation with local funeral homes as well as the County's Public Works Department. This free funeral assistance also helps low income seniors in Leon County.

Another resource, known as Leon County's Human Service Grant Program, has a goal of reducing costs for public benefits such as mental health programs, Medicaid and even the criminal justice system. This is offered in partnership with local non profits.

For more information on any public or government aid in Leon County, dial Human Services at (850) 606-1922.



By Jon McNamara

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