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Rental assistance Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Locate charity agencies, churches and government organizations that offer emergency rental help, legal defense services or money for moving and/or a security deposit. A number of organizations focus on homeless prevention in the Lancaster County Pennsylvania region. This means that an agency may be able to offer grant money for paying back rent or housing costs to someone who is faced with an emergency and who meets certain qualifications.

From time to time charitable or government funds may also be offered to help people pay security deposits or moving costs for a new, more affordable home or apartment. Most low-income renters, whether they are disabled, elderly, working poor or a single mom, will also benefit from some form of advice or case management. This is also offered to most clients who need housing or rent help in Lancaster. So various solutions are available to stop an eviction or rehouse families. Read more on nationwide rental help.

While it is unfortunate, the fact is that sometimes people are just too far behind on their bills or they just can’t afford to live in their current location. For these individuals, the non-profits or government Human Services will try to help people find new housing in the Lancaster area and assist with getting people settled in. Sometimes this may need to be short term, transitional housing type units or a free motel voucher until more permanent lodging is found.

Regardless of the tenants background, religion, or social status, if a family or individuals in struggling with rent and/or are facing eviction, contact one or more of these agencies to see if they can assist.

Area Agency on Aging – The programs from this non-profit including financial or supportive housing, are focused on seniors, older adults, and even their caretakers. The Lancaster County agency will provide information as well as referrals to rent grants, SSI disability and other services more than anything else.

Case workers they may be able to direct individuals to resources such as section 8 housing for seniors, eviction prevention programs, local charity organizations, property tax abatement and much more. The agency office also helps the disabled in the county. The main office is at 150 N Queen St Suite 301, Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603, dial 717.299.7979.




Lancaster Pennsylvania Public Housing Authority: In general, the county and citywide non-profit Housing Authority offers a number of housing services and financial resources to the low income. Most housing authority offices, whether they operate in a county or the city, offer lower income families safe and high quality low-income housing, section 8 vouchers for paying rent, and also public housing units.

The resources will help provide subsidize rental homes or apartments for eligible low income and senior households. To learn more or to apply, dial Lancaster City Housing Authority at 717.397.2835. They are located at 33 E Farnum St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602. Note that the demand is high and there can be a waiting list for vouchers, however emergency section 8 vouchers may help some low income Lancaster County residents.

The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lancaster (phone (717) 394-0793) as well as the Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization (717) 291-4760), may be another resource for those who are struggling. They provide everything from affordable homes to cash and financial assistance for rent, security deposits, and energy bills. Or get referrals to free vouchers for hotels and motels as well as homeless prevention. Clients were also able to access credit counseling and maybe even debt reduction services.

Lancaster County Community Action Agency (601 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603, phone 717.299.7301) will try to solve the issues that lead to poverty. This includes emergency rental assistance, government grants, budgeting services and more. In addition, having a home or apartment to live in is critical here.

Case managers can direct individuals to rental or security/utility deposit programs. There are a combination of grants, vouchers or loans to help with housing needs. The staff also offer other services, such as mediation or funds to help with utility and energy bills. More details on community action agency in Lancaster County.

Homelessness Prevention Agency works with tenants and landlords to try to stop and eviction. The non-profit agency provides case, management, landlord/tenant mediation, rental assistance, shelter, and transitional and emergency housing. Address is 601 South Queen Street, Lancaster PA 17608, call 717.299.7301.





VA Homeless Services only offers services for veterans in Lancaster. The programs are run from the VA Medical Center/N675,. The address is 1700 S Lincoln Ave, Lebanon Pennsylvania 17042. Phone 717-272-6621 x4196.

Some of the benefits provided to veterans and/or their families include an array of services, grants, and government benefits. Resources help veterans and their families live as independently as possible, including case management, transitional housing, income supports, and public housing.

Salem Family Ministry, which can be reached at 717-665-2331, may have one time assistance for rent for struggling Manheim residents. The address is 140 N Penn St, Manheim, PA 17545.

DPW of Lancaster offers both homeless prevention and rehousing services. Qualified low income families with a pay or quit notice can receive a grant from the county for overdue rent or maybe the deposit on a new home. Other aid includes access to short term loans and public housing. The address is 832 Manor Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1760, or dial (717) 299-7411.

Lancaster emergency eviction and rehousing programs combine legal aid, grants, vouchers, and rent help as part of ESG or other programs. Not only can funds be used to stop an eviction, but money also assists with rental or utility deposits and moving costs. They provide advice and referrals. They may also raise funds for local non-profits. However the non-profit will not be able to offer any financial assistance on their own. Rather they can offer referrals to charities or churches in the region More on Lancaster County homeless prevention.

Salvation Army of Lancaster has limited emergency financial assistance, including for back rent. There is also transitional housing, free furniture for low-income tenants, motel or gasoline vouchers and other social services. The charity is at 131 South Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603. All resources, whether for rent, mortgage, or utility payments are limited. Call (717) 397-7565.

Lancaster County ESA, or the Emergency Shelter Allowance, is run from DHS. The goal is to prevent evictions, help people move to a sustainable home, and/or rehouse the homeless. Get a few hundred dollars for rental payments or money to pay for a hotel or motel. There is also emergency homeless shelters, resources for single parents or mothers, government grant money and more. Department of Human Services is at 832 Manor Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17604. Call (800) 692-7462

Pro-bono legal support from Midpenn Legal Services can address housing issues. Free, pro-bono and/or volunteer lawyers can assist both tenants and homeowners from 38 N Christian St, Lancaster, PA 17602. Disputes over unsafe housing as well as illegal evictions are covered. The firm also can resolve disputes over rental or security deposit matters, represents clients in eviction court, deals with discrimination issues and more. Phone - (717) 299-0971.

Bridge of Hope Lancaster County helps women with children and single moms, with a focus on the homeless or people close to eviction, foreclosure, or utility disconnection. The charity and its churches provide housing placement, financial help for bills, guidance and counseling from 313 W Liberty, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603. Struggling female renters can call (717) 207-8932, or look here for shared housing services.





Lancaster Council of Churches offers various emergency housing programs. Clients come from all backgrounds, and can be single moms, elderly, or jobless. Money may be issued for a portion of rental costs or energy bills. Volunteers coordinate shelters and other resources too. The church is at 812 N Queen St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603 and dial 717-291-2261.

Opportunity House helps veterans, survivors, and their families. Grants, free motel vouchers, moving cost help and more is part of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). They help rehouse homeless veterans and assist those with a pay or quit notice. Financial literacy classes, job programs, rental or utility arrears help and other financial aid is offered from 128 East Grant Street, Lancaster, PA 17602. Lancaster County veterans can call (717) 740-5077.


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