Lake County Illinois Salvation Army assistance programs.

Lake County Salvation Army Salvation Army has a strong focus on helping the working poor and vulnerable. Clients come from all ages, backgrounds, and religions. However the focus is on families in Waukegan, Park City, Gurnee, Beach Park, and other regions, but referrals are always available. Based on what resources the agency has, they may provide emergency funds for expenses such as rent or energy bills. However, the Lake County Salvation Army center is much more likely to offer more material type goods.

The non-monetary aid may be as follows. Whether it is a ride for a senior citizen to a doctor office or for a shopping trip, a volunteer may offer this. Another focus of the Salvation Army is to provide Christmas toys or gifts to children, as well as serve a Thanksgiving or Holiday meal. Also, donations from the community, including retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart in Lake County Illinois, can be used to provide school supplies to students.

Anyone that is struggling to keep up with their rent or that is homeless can look into the Lake County Salvation Army transitional housing programs. The main goal is to provide lodging. Then, just as importantly, the case managers will help the guest tackle the issue that caused them to struggle in the first place.

Note, when staying at the transitional housing center the guest will need to agree to numerous conditions. This includes paying a portion of their income towards rent, doing basic chores to maintain the home, and also case management. Topics range from job placement to credit repair and life skills training. The Salvation Army of Lake County will focus on helping people get back on track with their own housing needs.

Any Salvation Army service will be combined with case management. Staff will meet with the client to address the challenge they have. This will involve full participation of the entire family that is seeking support. There are different parts to this process in Waukegan, and they are as follows.

  • Help with finding transportation or a reliable ride to a job interview.
  • Assistance in obtaining identification for employment, such as a license.
  • Credit counseling and budgeting classes.
  • Educational needs in Lake County are met by GED classes or referrals to Head Start programs.
  • Use of computers at the Salvation Army center for job search activities.




To pay for all of these Lake County Illinois Salvation Army services, money needs to be raised. So the thrift store is one key tool to do this. This will sell items to the public. Whether it is clothing or furniture, there may be goods available.

In some situations, clients will be given a voucher to use at local clothing banks. The difference between them and a thrift store is a clothing closet will generally pass out the items at no cost to the family. This can be relied upon for people recovering for a disaster (such as fire, medical illness or flood) or sometimes vouchers are given to those who need items to find an employment. So the Salvation Army may have slacks, ties, dresses, and the like.

Both the clothing bank and thrift store rely on donations. So if anyone has surplus goods they can drop them off there. Or if a resident of the community is moving then the Salvation Army will pick up the furniture from the home, provided it is in decent shape. Volunteers will pack the items and sort them. If it meets the quality standards in place, then low income families from Lake County can benefit from them.

Hunger prevention resources will try to ensure there is an adequate supply for healthy, affordable food in Lake County. So there is a food pantry for groceries. Or if someone needs a hot meal, the soup kitchen can be relied on. The homebound, such as seniors or disabled, may be able to benefit from Meals on Wheels.

Each of these programs has their own criteria in place. Clients can receive a free bag of groceries for their family. Or some people can call upon the Salvation Army of Lake County for baby formula for children or ensure for seniors. In some cases, fresh fruits and vegetables may be passed out.

Lake County Salvation Army disaster relief address events such as tornadoes, fires or floods. The non-profit has staff on site that can assist. They are also key partners of the American Red Cross. All of these trained officers distribute water, food, shelter, and care to families impacted.

When it comes to emergency financial assistance, this is limited. But the agency may have applications to grants to pay rent or utility bills. The goal is to stop homelessness. Other support may be those basic needs such as clothing, medications, and help in applying for benefits such as Medicaid or SNAP food stamps.




Other services can also be arranged as part of emergency aid. There are vouchers for medications or to pay for motels for those Lake County families impacted by a disaster. There is an after school program that can help families offset day care costs, and other funds for everything from security deposits to water bills, if the applicant is facing homelessness.

The Waukegan social services office is the main location to turn to for help. Address is as follows. 850 S Green Bay Rd, Waukegan, IL 60085, or dial (847) 336-1880 for information.


By Jon McNamara

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