Cooling bill assistance and free fans in Lafayette Indiana.

The Area Four Agency of Lafayette Indiana can help seniors and people at risk stay cool during the summer. While the elderly and senior citizens in particular are urged to stay inside during the hot summer months in order to stay comfortable, the fact is that they may need a way for their home to also stay cool, and that is where a free fan or air conditioner can help.

The Summer Cool Program is one of the primary programs that can help seniors stay cool during the hot summer months, and assistance is offered at no cost to those who need help. For those eligible, Area Four Agency may also even be able to provide free air conditioners, in addition to fans. Another more limited option can even provide cash assistance for electric and air conditioning bills.

The demand is great across Tippecanoe County. However the Energy Assistance Program runs mainly off of donations from local businesses and individuals in the community. Organizers of the program are always looking for more support. So the Summer Cool Program provides people a way to give back to the community as well. All donations go directly to people who need help.

Unfortunately in some years local non-profits in Lafayette Indiana do not always receive a bulk amount of fans to donate. Some years the donations are extensive. Other year’s things may slow down and be slim. In some cases local churches in Lafayette donate some fans directly to the needy as well. There are usually always a few fans or AC units located at Area Four Agency that are ready for donation, but if anyone is willing to donate any the agency is always more than willing to accept additional contributions and distribute them accordingly.

The Summer Cool Program will normally run from June through August of each year. In addition to the free fans and also possibly air conditioners, qualified candidates may qualify for a one-time $100 credit that can be applied to their electric account. Learn more on energy bill assistance and cash grants that may be offered in Indiana.





Qualifications for an air conditioner will usually be someone in your household is disabled, is 60 years of age or older, or if the child is under 6 years of age. They also need to reside in Tippecanoe County Indiana.

Other qualifications in place by the cooling program including an applicant needs to have a doctor’s note stating that a household member has a medical need for an air conditioner or free fan, and that the lack of an air conditioner unit would seriously jeopardize that person’s health or lead to a serious medical condition. The program can only be used at most every 5 years, so someone could not have recently received a new unit or fan. Also any EAP eligible household may qualify for up to 2 free box fans, dependent on family size, available units, and the applicants need. Call the Area Four Agency of Lafayette at (765) 447-7683 for details on these or other services.






By Jon McNamara

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