Laclede Gas financial assistance programs.

Low income customers of Laclede Gas can explore a variety of financial assistance programs, conservation measures, and government grants. Emergency assistance can deal with the immediate crisis and hopefully prevent a disconnection. Some of the other services provided by the federal government or state of Missouri are for longer term support and include charity and government subsidizes and resources. The main details on them are below.

Customers living on a fixed income, including social security can explore the companies Extended Payment Date Program. If you or your spouse is receiving government benefits or lives on a pension, this program can help people plan their payments and ease the crunch on their budget. In some cases the due, or Delinquent date, on your bill can be extended for up to 1 week. Call (314) 621-6960 for more information or to enroll.

The state ensures that all companies offer the Cold Weather Rule. It operates from the fall to the spring. Missouri’s and the Laclede Gas Cold Weather Rule allows a customer to maintain their natural gas service during the colder months by making an initial payment on their outstanding bill and then begin a balanced monthly payment plan.

The balanced plan that is part of the Cold Weather Rule will divide your annual charges by 12 and you will only pay that monthly average each month. Customers will need to make that agreed upon payment each month in order to remain enrolled into the program.

Heating bill assistance is offered from LIHEAP, which is the main federal government programs that is also supplemented by grants and funding from the state of Missouri. Community action agencies process applications on behalf of Laclede Gas and other energy providers. They also work closely with the Missouri Division of Family Services. LIHEAP can provide regular, ongoing payments and also grants or credits in a crisis.

Dollar-Help is another energy program that can assist with paying heating bills. This is administered by non-profit organizations across the state and companies service territory. Another 501 (c)(3) non-profit is the National Fuel Funds Network (NFFN), and they advocate on behalf of residents and consumers that need help.




Disabled and Elderly Notification Program is when Laclede Gas will notify a family member, a social service agency or a charity on your behalf of any billing problems. It will ensure that customers are notified of any potential interruption of their service. That person or group that is notified can work on your behalf to avoid natural gas service interruption. They will not be responsible for paying your utility bill, but the notification makes sure that some form of communication occurs.

Assistance for families facing Medical Emergencies is available. If a customer or member of a household has a medical condition which can be aggravated by a shut off of your account or a service disconnection, the company is more than willing to work with you. Proof of your condition will need to come from a physician. This Medical Emergency plan can postpone a shut off of your account for up to 21 more days and the situation can be re-evaluated throughout this process and timeframe. The notification needs to be timely and sent prior to any disconnection, so be sure to plan for this accordingly.

Energy Efficiency, Weatherization and Conservation Programs can help people save money, conserve energy, and gain control of their utility bills and costs. Most of the resources are offered by the Laclede Energy Efficiency Collaborative (EEC).

The primary federal resource, known as weatherization, can provide for the free installation of upgrades and improvements to people’s homes. This can include things such as insulation, weather stripping, caulking, windows, and more. An energy audit will need to be conducted on your home and then the updates will be made partly based on those results. Another Laclede Gas program for Missouri customers is the EnergyWise Furnace Financing Program and also the Insulation Financing Program. Both of these can help families can control of their expenditures.

Laclede Gas can be reached at (314) 621-6960. These programs and other solutions may be available to income qualified customers.




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