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Kentucky programs for housing and rent assistance.

Both of these resources, section 8 as well as Project Based Housing, provide qualified Kentucky residents access to low income housing, which in effect makes it easier for them to pay their rent. They are operated in partnership with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as other federal government and state agencies. Most of the funding for the section 8 housing vouchers as well as project based housing comes from these federal government sources.

Kentucky Section 8 Housing and Project Based Housing rent assistance program

Kentucky Housing Corporation is the leading organization to call in the state for information on these resources. The organization may also have other suggestions and referrals that they can offer individuals who need emergency rental assistance or who may be faced with an eviction. Kentucky Housing Corporation also has lists and details on apartments and private units that can be rented as part of the section 8 housing voucher program. The government agency provides many services to tenants as well the homeless.

The Kentucky Housing Choice Vouchers will limit the amount of income that a client needs to pay for their rent, and the voucher will be used to pay the balance. For example, qualified families may need to only pay up to 30 or 40% of their income towards their housing costs, and the state and federal government will pay the balance by issuing the voucher directly to your landlord.

The voucher will therefore provide rental assistance and make the home or apartment more affordable to live in. It also allow individuals and families the ability to locate and rent their own apartment or home. So the family can live in private housing of their choice. However please do keep in mind that the unit does need to meet various standards and conditions put into place by the Housing and Urban Development, and Kentucky Housing Corporation will verify all applications and units that are selected. Read more on Section 8 apartments in Kentucky.

One of the differences between section 8 and the other alternative, which is the Kentucky Project-Based Rental Assistance, is that the later program provides subsidies and rent assistance for only certain apartments and homes. So the client of the project based plan will only receive help if they live in certain, pre-approved subsidized units. However they can always decide to move into another approved home or apartment too.

All applicants for this program must meet income requirements and other guidelines that are put into place by Kentucky Housing Corporation as well as the federal government HUD agency. Most of these rental assistance programs, and any others that may be available for that matter, have limited funding and usually will also have a waiting list. Only a small number of applicants can normally receive aid every year.





As indicated above, Kentucky Housing Corporation will also have information on other services and resources that may be offered for the low income, working poor, seniors, and needy. They are one of the leading non-profits to call for housing and rental assistance. The agency is in effect a clearinghouse for those people that are looking for support. Just some examples of the other services that may be offered from time to time include:

  • Military Housing Assistance – Members of the military, and/or their immediate family members, may qualify for help with paying for housing costs and related services. Cash grants are paid out to qualified participants.
  • HouseWorks Program is for repairs and homeowner expenses. This can include roof repairs, windows, insulation, heating or cooling systems, or unexpected plumbing problems, among other expenses.
  • Save money on energy bills from KY Home Performance or weatherization. The Kentucky Housing Corporation can provide renters and homeowners information on both of these programs.

Applying for housing resources in Kentucky

There are a wide range of services available. To learn more about these or other programs, call Kentucky Housing Corporation at (800) 633-8896.

By Jon McNamara

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