Mortgage help center in Tarrant County, Fort Worth and Arlington

A foreclosure counseling center has been opened by JPMorgan Chase in Tarrant County. The office is located in Arlington, can can help homeowners in Fort Worth and all across Tarrant County Texas. Housing and mortgage counselors who are based at the center may be able to help homeowners who are struggling to pay their monthly mortgage, and counselors can help people avoid a foreclosure.

Most of the services are provided for free to qualified homeowners in the area. Individuals are provided the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a JP Morgan Chase Housing Counselor. Together you will be able to learn about a variety of assistance programs that are available to help you get back on track with your home loan payments.

Services offered at the center

Counselors at the Arlington Chase Homeownership Center can go over various solutions and programs with the client. They also partner with and can refer homeowners to other non-profits, such as the HUD approved Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth, which offers their own forms of foreclosure prevention counseling. Find a listing of other Texas HUD foreclosure counseling agencies.

It is anticipated that the center will employ around six counselors. They can refer individuals to solutions such as the federal government created Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP. But that is not the only option available, but is just one of many.




If the Tarrant County homeowner is not qualified for a loan modification from HAMP, then they can explore alternative modification programs. As just a sampling of some of those other options, they can include various programs that are now being offered by other government entities such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These of course are the two big federally backed mortgage investors. Other options can include private programs operated by various national and Texas based lenders and banks.

For example, some lenders can oversee reducing the homeowners monthly payments by limited the amount they need to pay on their mortgage and tie it into their total income. Programs can reduce principal, eliminate fees, or extent the term of their home loan.

JP Morgan Chase is strongly committed to helping homeowners across the nation, including in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas. They have hired almost 10,000 dedicated housing counselors across the nation. Tens of thousands of mortgages have been successfully modified. And also they have opened dozens of these homeowner centers through the nation.

Arlington and Fort Worth JP Morgan Chase mortgage center location

The demand for services from the location promises to be high. It is always recommended that interested homeowners call in advance to schedule and appointment to meet with a foreclosure prevention specialist at the Arlington Chase Homeownership Center. The phone number is 817-856-3187, and the office address is 500 East Border Street and it is based in Arlington, TX.






By Jon McNamara

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