Boston JPMorgan Chase homeownership center

The national bank is opening a center in Boston Massachusetts that will help homeowners either pay their mortgage or prevent a foreclosure. The JP Morgan Chase center that will be opening in Boston will be the first homeownership location for Chase anywhere in Massachusetts.

The center be able to assist homeowners who are struggling with paying their home loan because of such hardships as a drop in salary, unemployment, reduction in hours at work, a medical emergency, or a ballooning subprime or interest only type mortgage. Clients of the center will be able to meet one on one with a housing counselor.

JPMorgan Chase has always felt that, along with many experts, that the best way to help borrowers find ways to stay in their homes and to prevent a foreclosure is to allow the homeowner the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with a counselor and discuss their individual circumstances. Meeting face to face is more effective than discussing the situation over the phone or through the mail. The homeownership centers focus on borrowers who have loans that originated from Chase, WaMu and EMC.

Dozens of centers are being opened across the country, and to date Chase has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners either get back on track with their home loan, or they have been able to keep people in their homes. Some of the services offered at the Boston Massachusetts include the items listed below. Or find additional Chase assistance programs.




Mortgage assistance services offered by JP Morgan Chase Boston area center

After a homeowner calls to make an appointment, they can stop by to meet with an on site team of homeownership advisors and highly trained mortgage counselors. They will review the homeowners financial situation, and the counselor is committed to assisting those customers whose circumstances have changed due to some type of financial hardship. JP Morgan Chase realizes that many hard working people are no longer able to make their scheduled monthly payment (often due to issues outside of their control), they want to avoid foreclosure and need the ability stay in their home.


The trained advisors from JP Morgan will evaluate the Boston area homeowners finances, review possible workout options and answer any questions. Together the counselor as well as the homeowner can review such solutions as a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and much more. To learn more, or to make an appointment, dial 1-866-550-5705.







By Jon McNamara

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