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The second largest bank in the United States is JP Morgan Chase. The company has a number of resources available for its lower to moderate income customers, and they offer help when a household has a financial emergency. Below you will find a listing of the various Chase JP Morgan assistance programs. These programs can help customers deal with credit card debts, provide free foreclosure prevention advice, mortgage assistance, and other aid.

Tens of thousands of the banks customers receive assistance every year from the services that are offered. The lender always recommends that people ask for help as soon as possible, before they fall too far behind or before their situation becomes too dire. Representative and counselors from Chase JP Morgan, both at the national level as well as local branches, will be able to guide customers through the various assistance programs that are available to them..

Chase credit card assistance

With millions of credit card accounts outstanding the lender does realize that from time to time people will need help to pay their credit card bills. Many borrowers need support in order to get back on track with their monthly payments. Chase does offer several different options that its customers can look into. Some may be well known, and some are not.

Chase hardship programs - Customers can contact the bank and state they are facing a short term financial hardship. When this occurs JP Morgan may provide assistance. If they communicate their situation properly and negotiate a deal, they may be able to enter into a hardship program. These may result in a lower interest rate, fees that are waived, or even principal reduction on their account.




Proactive Solutions - One of the most effective ways to reduce debts is to use a little known service from Chase known as Proactive Solutions. This is a special department that was created to help people get back on track with paying down their credit card bills.

Debt settlement - From time to time Chase may settle the debts on its customers accounts. This form of assistance is only available for a select number of individuals. This is when they reduce or possibly even eliminate the outstanding balance on an account.





Debt management - A customer can work with a credit counselor or non-profit agency in their local community. The professional will work with the customer as well as a representative from the company to enter into a debt management plan with Chase.

Automobile and car loan refinancing - While not as commonly known, anyone who has a car loan can refinance it. The process is simple to do (unlike a mortgage refi), and it takes less than 10 minutes. There is usually no cost involved in the process, and people can save hundreds of dollars in interest expense over the life of their loan. Read more.

JP Morgan Chase foreclosure prevention and mortgage assistance programs

The lender has gone out of their way to offer programs and solutions to try to help as many homeowners as possible stay in their homes. The resources will allow the borrower the ability to keep up with paying their home loans. Find a comprehensive listing of the housing programs offered.

Mortgage and foreclosure assistance - Get detailed information on several of the mortgage and foreclosure programs that are offered to JP Morgan Chase customers. Some may be offered directly by the bank and others will be in partnership with various non-profit agencies or the federal government.

Homeownership Centers - Dozens of offices have been set up around the country that allow homeowners to stop by and meet one on one with a housing counselor. This gives the customer face to face contact, which can be very effective.




Foreclosure help - Several different foreclosure prevention programs are offered. They are in addition to the resources noted above. These may either stop a foreclosure that is in process, or prevent one from occurring in the future.

JP Morgan Chase provides many ways for its customers to get help with paying credit card bills, their home loans, fees and more. They offer interest rate reduction programs, settlement options, and other forms of aid. The above listing of assistance programs are just a few of those that are offered.


By Jon McNamara

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