Help from Chase Proactive Solutions.

Find how the Chase Proactive Solutions department and the programs they administer can help you gain control of your credit card debt. Over the last couple of year Chase has been raising the minimum payments on hundreds of thousands of customers. For example, the minimum payments for many on a balance transfer is being raised from 2 to 5 percent. Other customers were having the interest rate raised on their everyday spending. This is leading to some customers having to face a minimum monthly payment that has doubled, or more, almost overnight.

When Chase is notifying customers, they are usually advising them to call the phone number on the back of their credit card if they are concerned with paying the new monthly minimum payment. However, many are saying they call the number and are not receiving help or any information on where to go. Both the customer service representatives and supervisors tend to say that customers have no choice, that they either pay the new minimum or they default on their debt.

While Chase does have a credit card hardship division, results are definitely mixed when dealing with them. The results will tend to vary based on how well you negotiate, your financial condition, whether you use a credit card counselor, and more. Some times they may offer assistance by lowering minimum monthly payments, but they may raise interest rates at the same time.

However, consumers do have other options. There are two little known phone numbers that can put people who need help in touch with Chase Proactive Solutions. The results can be immediate. Some people report that within 20 minutes the representative may lower both their minimum payments and interest rates.

While Chase does not advertise this unit, a spokesperson for Chase Card Services did confirm the existence of the Chase Proactive Solutions department. They will often describe it as a specific unit that was created to provide help to customers who are experiencing a financial hardship. It tends to be for those customers that require a deeper, more detailed discussion to identify the most appropriate solution to help them get out of debt and pay their monthly bills.





Chase will always advise customers who may need assistance from this group to contact them using the phone number that is located on the back of their credit card. The caller can then refer to the Proactive Solutions group in order to ensure their phone call receives the proper response from them.

However, when you call the number on the card, they usually do not volunteer this program.

While Chase will not verify the phone numbers that are used as direct phone lines to the Proactive Solutions unit, if people call these numbers and ask if Chase Proactive Solutions has been reached, the operators who answer the phone will confirm it.

A number of solutions may be offered by the department, including lower interest rates, settlement, an abatement / forbearance and more. Also, find out how a debt forbearance program from Chase may help. More.

How to contact Chase Proactive Solutions?

The phone numbers to dial are 1-800-404-6220 and 1-877-890-2941. Be sure to always ask for the unit. While it is likely that they may not offer the same debt solutions to everyone, people should at least spend the time to call them and see if they can receive help with paying their Chase credit card debts.



By Jon McNamara

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