Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas county region.

Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas provides qualified families with a number of services. Some of them, such as counseling, may come with fees. Others resources, including food banks and emergency financial assistance, can help the poor meet their basic needs. Some of the programs are also available for people of all religions. If JFS of Dallas Texas can’t meet your needs, then referrals may be provided as well.

Groceries from the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry may be available. The location is an affiliate of the North Texas Food Bank. Together they, and other charities, address issues related to hunger in the greater Dallas County area. The center is by appointment only. Dial 972.437.9950 for hours and information.

The center allows people to “shop” for themselves. So the pantry is set up so that individuals are able to choose the grocery items just as they would in a local store. If needed, Kosher foods are available for those who observe Jewish dietary laws.

Volunteers from Jewish Services also provide home delivery for the disabled individuals or homebound as appropriate. Another food source is the Vickery Meadow pantry. It was created by Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Service, Temple Emanuel, St. Vincent de Paul and Our Ladies of Charity.

Emergency Financial Assistance can help qualified families facing a crisis. This is available to a small number of qualified clients of JFS. Applicants need to be out of options and meet a number of conditions in order to get help. Some examples of what may be provided included free bus passes, funds for applicants that have a disconnection notice on electricity, rent help for people facing eviction from their apartment, or prescription medication assistance.

Whether they need food or help for paying bills, it will usually come with Case Management Services. When an unmet need arises from clients, the organization will work in providing information and referrals as appropriate and also coordination of those needed social services. These are sometimes referred to as Wraparound Services, and they are provided to address basic needs essential to regaining self sufficiency in the future. Some examples of what is available may be individual and family counseling, services for the elderly, career counseling and more.




Numerous Career and Employment Services are available from the Dallas Jewish Family Service. The agency offers clients with counseling, assessment, job search training assistance, and selective job placement services in the county and Fort Worth. The support is for the unemployed, underemployed and persons with special needs such as the disabled. Telephone - 972.437.9950.

  • Career Guidance from specialists provide individualized assistance to identify career alternatives in employment transition. The focus of the programs is on improving job-search effectiveness, placement, and helping people achieve career goals.
  • Young Adults can benefit from Job S.T.E.P.S. and the workshops offered.
  • Employment Services for Special-Needs Clients can include direct assistance in job-search training, placement, and training. They also work with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.
  • Testing and Assessment from Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas enables people to identify suitable career paths.
  • The agency coordinates various networking events as well for the recent as well as long term unemployed in Dallas County. Other events are for veterans and women in the community.
  • The Job Search Resource Center provides clients with potential leads, use of phone, computers, fax, copier, and Internet directory, networking contacts and job-search information.

In addition to those programs above, a number of other social services, counseling, and referrals are available. A brief summary of them is below, but call Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas for the latest.




  • Disabled can receive counseling. Get advice and support for identifying, skills, behaviors, and referrals to resources in Dallas County.
  • Case Management for families and caregivers, including in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.
  • Administrative and Personal Resource Organizers is offered from volunteers of Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas. They assist with paperwork such as bill paying, checking accounts and more for special-needs adults.
  • Employment assistance for the disabled - JFS trained experts identify suitable career paths based on talents, abilities, and personal interests. This includes job search skills and training.
  • Job Placement and Development is coordinated by professional staff. The agency and its case managers work with local employers to find the right employment match for people with special needs.
  • Interview Training from experts can help special-needs adults prepare for job interviews, including analysis and interview rehearsals. This will also include job coaching if and when needed.
  • Counseling for Adolescents is for those with special needs.
  • School Mental-Health Counseling is offered in partnership with local districts and teachers.

Programs are available for seniors and the elderly in the region. JFS in Dallas works with them, and their families, to offer help. The main number is 972.437.9950, but some information is below.

  • Assessment and Care Management helps coordinate living arrangements.
  • Psychotherapy and Individual Counseling will address the needs of older residents.
  • Light housekeeping services are coordinated for individuals or seniors who are unable to clean their homes.
  • Transportation assistance from Jewish Federation is for frail or immobile senior or disabled residents.
  • Home-Delivered Meals is for seniors and the homebound, often relying on the Dallas Area Agency on Aging as well.
  • Caregivers Support Group is coordinated for the elderly.
  • Referral and Information from JFS provides help regarding applying for government benefits and finding non-profit community resources in both Dallas an d Tarrant.

The primary Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas phone number is 972-437-9950. The office is at 5402 Arapaho Road - Dallas, Texas 75248 and they provide services for the entire region.



By Jon McNamara

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