Jefferson County Housing Authority assistance.

Jefferson County Housing Authority operates several HUD and government funded programs, and also has partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations across Birmingham and Jefferson County.  There is information on section 8 housing vouchers as well as the Shelter Plus Care Program, which is for the disabled. The authority may also refer low income families to transitional or public housing as well as offer homeowners foreclosure prevention services.

Shelter Plus Care is a Housing and Urban Development funded program, or HUD. There is both case management and housing coordinated for individuals with a disability or mental health condition. The non-profit Jefferson County Housing Authority can offer rental assistance grants and subsidized apartments, and the case management can address any medical or other care needed, even including job placement and training.

The Shelter Care Plus program is single, homeless individuals, whether they are women, children, or men. The assistance is for people with a mental illness and/or substance abuse issues, and each participant is assisted by staff from Jefferson County Housing Authority in relocating to an affordable housing unit. In addition to that, they will be given support in developing skills and goals that will move the person toward independent living.

Following all of the Federal government initiated HUD guidelines, each person that is able to enroll will need to pay up to pay 30% of their income towards their rent and energy costs, as well as any other housing expenses involved, such as deposits. What will happen is Jefferson County Housing Authority leases apartments from landlords and the client has a sub-lease arrangement with the agency, and the terms of all leases need to be adhered too by all participants.

HOPWA, or the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS, is another government funded program often referred to as Ryan White. This can assist eligible very low income families or individuals who are currently living in their own homes or apartments and are threatened with the loss of their housing.

The case manager that is part of the HOPWA service assures that the participants are aware of and have access to primary health and dental care, entitlements, mental health, and nutritional support services that are appropriate to their needs. It uses a tenant-based model in which the participants need to pay a portion of the monthly rent, and HUD funding pays for the balance. The client will also be able to maintain a direct landlord-tenant relationship through a lease between the two parties.




Emergency shelters are coordinated by Jefferson County Housing Authority, and this is on of the region's key social services for the homeless and people in poverty in Alabama. It will address the various needs of guests, and clients can receive a meal, psychiatric assessment, and assistance from a credentialed counselor.

The services at the shelter, most of which are offered by round the clock staff and client-care workers, also focus on the root cause of the homeless event, so there will be help with job evaluation and training are also provided as an essential part of the rehabilitation process. Guests will get assistance in obtaining permanent housing and needed services.

Counseling is arranged to any individual or family, whether they own or rent their home. There is also advice given to people seeking to buy a property. Jefferson County Housing Authority will support families that are threatened with mortgage foreclosure or evictions, and to persons seeking to become homeowners. Components of this include the following.

  • There are a number of loan work-out sessions with lenders and banks.
  • Mediation sessions will occur between tenants and landlords.
  • Workshops are organized by Jefferson County Housing Authority or non-profit agencies to provide home buyers with assistance on credit repair and saving income.
  • There is also free Mortgage Default and Delinquency Counseling to stop foreclosures.
  • The Homebuyer Workshops in Jefferson County Housing Authority are geared toward first time home buyers.




Public Housing is also available across Jefferson County Alabama. There are a few different units, including Fultondale, Brighton Gardens and a community known as Warrior. Other options also exist in the county, and they provide very low income families as well as seniors affordable housing.

Government subsidized apartments or houses are part of what the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides. It offers rent assistance to eligible households at or below guidelines set in place by assets and income, which can include the applicant needs to be below 50% of County Median Income (CMI).

The number of vouchers Jefferson County Housing Authority can provide is limited. Not only is there a waiting list across Alabama, but the amount of aid will change during the contract period based on available funds. Many families are able to select their own private rental unit or apartment to live in, as long as it is within the payment standard as set by HUD and passes a housing quality standard inspection.

For more information, the Jefferson County Housing Authority is at 3700 Industrial Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama 35217-5316. Telephone number is  205-849-0123.



By Jon McNamara

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