Help with paying hospital bills in Illinois.

Edward Hospital

A review will be conducted on your expenses, income, and assets to determine if you can get assistance with your hospital bills. If it is determined that you are eligible for financial aid, any type of help for paying your hospital bills will be provided in the form of a discount from 60 to 100% depending on income levels and the results from the review.

They also provide an assistance program to uninsured patients and/or the very low income. An uninsured patient who is admitted who does not qualify for any other medical bill assistance may receive a discount on their bills. If you are uninsured, you must apply for these reduced rates. While the conditions to the program may change, generally you also can’t earn more than 600% of the federal poverty guidelines in order to qualify for this resource. Among other financial aid provided to uninsured patients, Edward Hospital hospital will also maximize the amount that an uninsured patient needs to pay to 25% of the patient's total household income, so your expenses will be capped. Phone (630) 527-3000.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Provides a variety of financial aid programs in an effort to provide access to healthcare for people of all incomes. Both lower income and uninsured patients in Illinois can look into these resources for paying their hospital bills.

  • Discounted Care Program can provide savings and reduced rates to patients. The exact amount of the discount will be based on your family size and their total household income up.
  • Free Care Program from Northwestern Memorial Hospital may be offered for people whose income is up to 250 percent of federal government low income and poverty guidelines. The number of family members will also be taken into consideration when applying.
  • If you are faced with enormous bills, then the Catastrophic Discount Program may be able to help. This offers assistance by limiting the total out-of-pocket costs that they need to pay. It is also offered for people who may not qualify for other government or financial assistance programs but who are faced with high levels of medical debts.
  • Last, but not least, the Uninsured-Noncovered Services Discount Program is for uninsured individuals. This resource offers discounts on hospital bills for people who do not qualify for any other forms of public aid or free health care. In addition, the program also offers reduced rates to patients who have insurance but who also have claims for medically necessary services that are not covered by their current health insurance plans.

Call 800-423-0523 to learn about these or other Northwestern Memorial Hospital programs.





Rush University Medical Center

Financial assistance is offered to help qualified patients pay their hospital bills. The center recommends that individuals meet with billing customer service representatives or counselors to learn about their options. These individuals will help patients in completing financial application forms, provide an explanation of their hospital bill, and also assist with obtaining estimated prices.

  • Charity Care/Full Write-Off of the bill may be offered. This is generally available for those individuals who income is less than 300 percent of the Federal Government Poverty Guidelines based on family size.
  • The Limited Income Program will allow the hospital to offer free medical services if the patient's income level meets certain low income thresholds as established by Rush University. Usually the Limited Income Discount is for family’s whose income is 400 percent of poverty levels.
  • Self-Pay Discount is available from Rush University Medical Center for those Illinois residents who are responsible for paying their own bills. Patients who come to the hospital and live out of state may also qualify for savings.
  • Payment Plans can be set up by Rush. Patients of the center can arrange for additional time payments or extensions. Individuals will need to meet with a customer service representative or a financial counselor in order to explore this option. After a financial assessment is complete, the representative will help you explore these payment plans and any other public or private aid that may be offered.

Call Rush University Medical Center at (866) 761-7812.

University of Chicago Medicine

Can coordinate financial assistance for those individuals who lack insurance or who just can’t afford to pay their medical bills. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, or if you have an upcoming surgery, then you can request an application for aid.

Discounts may be offered. This will allow the medical cost to be much lower, and the hospital may even be able to cover all or part of the patient balance(s) based on your insurance status and/or financial need. The programs set up by the University of Chicago Medicine even exceed those that are required by the Illinois Hospital Uninsured Patient Discount Act. Your total family income will determine whether you qualify for any type of charity care or discount. Call (773) 702-6664 to apply or get more details.

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