Illinois foreclosure clinics and workshops.

A number of foreclosure prevention and counseling workshops and clinics are held across Illinois. Many of them are organized by or have some form of involvement with the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network. Over the years tens of thousands of individuals have attended these various sessions and have received information on the foreclosure process, advice and support in preventing a filing, and access to an extensive array of mortgage assistance programs. Almost all of the services are offered for free to participants.

Dozens of HUD certified housing counseling agencies participate in the states Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network. They work with banks, the state, and other non-profits in hosting workshops and similar events throughout Illinois. Programs available at the clinics include the following.

-Most sessions have lenders and banks on-site to answer homeowner queries and provide immediate results.
-Counselors can provide homeowners with information about the variety of mortgage assistance programs available.
-Provide free counseling services to homeowners.
-Representative at this clinic can help homeowners with filing for help and relief through certain state and federal government programs, such as the Illinois Hardest Hit Program.
-Unemployment issues can be addressed from representatives of the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Also get help job searching and training programs.
-Mortgage fraud issues, including subprime, can also be addressed from representatives from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
-Receive information on local, state, and federal foreclosure prevention programs, as well as options from private and non-profit organizations.

While the locations of the clinics will vary, some sessions have been held in the following places.

Community Foreclosure Prevention Workshops have been held at the Michele Clark High School, 5101 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL. This session has been sponsored by Bethel New Life, The Coalition for Community Banking, Global Network CDC, Maywood Housing Helpers, South Austin Coalition, Westside Federation, and Westside Health Authority.





Mortgage Relief Project has run an event which was located at Croatian Cultural Center Of Chicago. 2845 W Devon, Chicago, Illinois 60645. Counselors have been available on site to provide free advice to struggling homeowners. This event has been sponsored by Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA).

Credit & Budgeting Workshop have been offered at 1507 E. Cook Springfield, IL, 62703, by the Illinois Assistive Technology Program & TSP Hope. Read more on housing and credit counseling in Illinois.

Save Your Home Free Seminar, which is sponsored by Lakeside Community Development Corporation, has organized banks, lenders, and non-profits to help the needy and low income.

The Governor’s Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network Workshop has held events at the Regency Conference Center in O’Fallon, IL 62269.  This event is normally paid for and sponsored by the State of Illinois.

The bottom line is that if you are struggling or late on your mortgage payments, if you think your mortgage lender may be preparing a foreclosure process or if you have already received a notice, then you should immediately call a qualified housing counselor or attend a workshop. Counselors that are part of the network can help people access services, resources, and options that are available, most of which are free. Specialists guide people through the process.

The Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network and associated counseling agencies can provide people with free information on the foreclosure process, and help guide homeowners through it. Specialists will perform a number of services for homeowners, including communicating with the bank, mortgage lender or servicer. They may also be able to provide individuals access to free legal representation. More on some of the free services in Illinois.

Many of the HUD certified agencies will also offer debt and credit counseling in order to keep people on track, improve credit scores, and improve their overall financial condition. The earlier you seek help, the more options you will have to save your home. Even if you are still current and haven't missed a payment yet, but expect a future hardship, call a counselor or attend a clinic.

Almost 70 housing and credit counseling agencies work with the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network, and they have about 100 different offices across the state. Dozens of clinics and free workshops are held throughout the year as well.




By Jon McNamara

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