Reinvestment Partners (Housing for New Hope Durham) assistance programs.

Find help in paying rent, rapid rehousing, and information on transitional apartments and homes from Reinvestment Partners, which was formerly called Housing for New Hope. The agency runs programs in both Orange and Durham North Carolina and assistance is for low income families as well as the homeless. They also partner with many local churches and charities such as Urban Ministries as well as the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

One of the main services is the Rapid Re-Housing program. It is a community program that is collaborative and can help those facing imminent eviction or that are homeless move into and secure permanent housing. What may be offered includes information and referrals to employment and mainstream benefits, case management, and funds to pay rent or a security deposit so that families can gain much-needed stability over the long term.

Rapid Re-Housing is offered in partnership with local non-profits. Other agencies include the Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network, Urban Ministries of Durham, Genesis Home, and C.A.A.R.E. Inc. Staff and social workers help families and individuals in transition move to secure permanent housing.




The Reinvestment Partners Re-Housing Team offers direct financial assistance, housing placement, and social support to those who have been evicted and that are now facing homelessness in Durham and Orange Counties. They can help with paying rental costs, utilities, offer food, provide furnishings, and other household goods. Financial donations and volunteers from the community are also greatly appreciated and will make a difference in the success of the program. Phone number is 919.323.2805.

Presbyterian Urban Ministry is a key member of the Reinvestment Partners program. They provide financial and spiritual support to disabled adults, families with children, and senior citizens that are threatened with homelessness. Hundreds of families receive emergency assistance to pay their rent, utilities, heating bills, and prescription medicines. The telephone number is 919.220.5601.





For those that are homeless, they often have difficulty in accessing and paying for health care. So the Assertive Engagement Team provides them with case management and clinical support. This is for the uninsured homeless that is have difficulty remaining in mainstream treatment in the health care system. Main phone number is 919.884.9480.

Transitional housing is located in Durham County North Carolina. Some of the main facilities are noted below. Or find a number of other transitional housing programs.

-Dove House provides housing, case management and social support for women making the transition from homelessness to independence. 919.682.3777.
-The Phoenix House is low income, affordable housing and support for men that are in the process of making the transition from homelessness to independence.
-Another option is Andover Apartments. This provides clients with affordable, supportive housing for homeless individuals with mental illness, a serious medical condition or other disabling conditions. Call 919.698.4065.
-Williams Square Apartments is another transitional housing unit disabled, homeless individuals.
-Sherwood Park Efficiency Apartments is not just for the low income families in Durham or Orange County North Carolina, but more moderate income residents can use these sites too. It will provide them with time to further increase their savings and income. The number is 919.956.5835.

Reinvestment Partners runs those transitional housing programs. Those who qualify for the homes or apartments will have their own service, support groups, and ongoing peer support given to them. Volunteers and staff from the agency perform regular outreach activities to those still homeless. They will be able to receive some ongoing case management and support, even as they graduate from the transitional apartments. 919.956.5835.

The Reinvestment Partners agency partners with the government, relies on grants, and advocates for the poor and homeless. Staff engage in education and advocacy of housing and homelessness issues with the community at large. They also partner with other groups such as the Durham Affordable Housing Coalition, North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness, Council to End Homelessness in Durham, and the Affordable Housing Coalition. Together they provide funds and support to the less fortunate.




Reinvestment Partners is based at 18 West Colony Place, Durham North Carolina. Call (919) 489-6282.


By Jon McNamara

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