Hood River County and The Dalles Salvation Army assistance programs.

Two Salvation Army locations are in The Dalles Oregon. They include the thrift store as well as social service department. The assistance available from the organization extends across Hood River County, with a focus on helping the poor, unemployed, seniors, and those families in a crisis.

This is the local office of the national, Christian based charity. This particular site is limited in what it can offer, as the population of the region is under 100,000. So while they would like to provide cash grants for helping to pay such bills as heating costs, rent, or for car repairs, this is harder said than done. So much of what clients will receive in the Hood River County area is support in trying to exit a situation of poverty.

All of the services originate from the Family Store, which is a release/thrift store. The address is 623 E. 3rd St. A wide variety of items are for sale, with an ever evolving inventory. What there may be is as follows.

  • Clothing, including pants and tee-shirts or winter boots and coats.
  • Dishware and silverware.
  • Books for school, college, and regular reading.
  • Artwork and vintage items.
  • Furniture that has been used, but it still in good condition.
  • Electronics, including tablets, phones, laptops, and more.

The thrift store relies on donations from the Hood River County region. In addition to donations for the store, other Dalles Oregon Salvation Army programs also rely on the community. The four main ones are the Christmas gift program; back to school supplies and clothing; Thanksgiving dinners; and Easter basket services. Those are also core services in which donations fund them, and volunteers organize them. These truly focus on children as well as very low income senior citizens in the service territory.

Anyone facing hunger can get help. A soup kitchen is run in partnership with local churches and charities. This can feed the homeless a few days per week. But the other resource which is targeted more at the larger community that may be living check to check is the food pantry. This offers groceries; dairy; meats; perishable fruits and vegetables; and other goods. Sometimes a client use the soup kitchen then is immediate referred to the pantry for a free box of groceries.





Adult Rehab is also a social service from the Salvation Army. Working with clinics and medical providers in the Hood River County, adults or the homeless that need support in batting an addiction can turn to the Salvation Army. Many resources can be arranged for the client.

Direct financial aid

The Dalles Oregon Salvation Army using money from the thrift store to fund its own operations. So like any retailer, the sales pay for the facilities rent, the maintenance of the building, shelving inside, and other operating costs. But if there happen to be any surplus funds, this is when emergency financial help may be available for the larger community.

Where there is money available, and when the applicant is qualified and facing a one time crisis, find help for the following expenses. There may be partial rent payments, grants to pay energy bills, loans issues, and even some medical needs met. As volunteer doctors and dentists work with uninsured clients to offer basic care, including cleanings, physicals, etc. at clinics. If those do not work, then find other no cost dental clinics. Keeping heat on in this cold part of Oregon is also a propriety.

For more details on these or other assistance programs from the Dalles Salvation Army, the store is at 623 E 3rd St, The Dalles, OR 97058. Many callers will just be given referrals. But dial (541) 296-3341 for intake.




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