South Carolina Homeownership Resource Center.

If you need mortgage or foreclosure help in South Carolina, contact the Homeownership Resource Center. This non-profit organization is a chartered member of NeighborWorks. They operate across much of the state and assist thousands of homeowners per year. The organization is also part of Family Services Inc. They help homeowners get a loan modification, and will negotiate directly with your lender. They provide free advice and tips for increasing your chance of success.

The center is part of Family Services Inc, and they work with other groups as well. The organization is also a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved foreclosure counseling agency. Another credential of the agency is that they are a NeighborWorks America charter member, and they are committed to helping as many homeowners as possible save their home, avoid a foreclosure and get current on their home payments.

Foreclosure Counseling Program

This is the main program that is offered by Homeownership Resource Center. The foreclosure program will help South Carolina homeowners determine what strategies and tactics are best for their personal situation to prevent foreclosure.

The center employs numerous certified and licensed housing, mortgage and even financial counselors who will meet with the client and review their situation. The counselor will need to review the client’s entire financial background, and they will discuss various strategies with the client.

In addition, and most importantly, the housing counselor will also develop a plan to get the homeowner back on track with paying their monthly mortgage payments. Through this entire process housing counselors can also offer the homeowner free advice and provide them with methods that can be used to address other financial issues that they may be facing. For example, a counselor can help them reduce and eliminate their credit card debt, provide them and increase their budgeting skills, etc. A counselor will work with banks and lenders across the state and nation to mediate a solution, and negotiate on behalf of the homeowner.






But the help does not stop there. Homeowners who become clients of the center can be linked with an attorney from a variety of public assistance programs. Many law firms throughout the state also offer pro bono legal programs and representation to help them during the foreclosure crisis. More of South Carolina free legal advice.

Who is Family Services Inc.?

They provide homeowners access to various housing and debt programs. FSI is the only non-profit agency that is located in the state of South Carolina that offers homeowners all across the state significant levels of foreclosure prevention services and mortgage default counseling.

The counselors and staff at the site also provide individuals with access to additional FSI mortgage programs that work to ensure the client is self sufficient over the long term. For example, other resources offered will try to help the homeowner improve the financial literacy and budgeting skills. This is provided for both families and income qualified individuals. They try to do this so that they can reduce their credit card and medical debts, improve their credit score, maintain financial self sufficiency, and provide guidance to help the homeowner live within a budget in the future to avoid financial hardships.

The Homeownership Resource Center as well as FSI use several innovative programs and resources to successfully provide loan services. They even explore federal government programs, such as those for unemployed homeowners. Read more.

Call Homeownership Resource Center at (888) 320-0350 and ask for the foreclosure counseling program and to speak to a counselor.



By Jon McNamara

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