Massachusetts HomeBASE program.

Financial assistance for household expenses is provided by the HomeBase program. It was created to help people who are homeless, facing imminent eviction, and can assist those families who are currently living in subsidized hotel or motel rooms paid for by the state of Massachusetts.

There are many aspects of this service. The program can help people move into permanent housing. Support services and financial aid can be provided to help families pay their rent and stay in their homes as well. Or a portion of a security or utility deposit can be paid.

HomeBase focuses on the homeless and pregnant women with children. The program can help pay rent and other housing costs for a total of 3 years. Case management and a housing stabilization plan are also part of this Massachusetts program.

There are two primary types of housing assistance. The first resource is rent assistance, which can provide families a subsidy for up to 36 months. This will require that clients pay up to 35% of their total household income towards their utilities and rent. The state will pay the balance of their monthly rent expense.

The HomeBase housing assistance program will also offer up to $4000 in cash assistance for certain costs. This money can be used to pay a variety of expenses, including security deposits, ongoing rent, relocation funds and expenses, and even such basic needs as medical bills.




The primary goal is to help families live on their own in a permanent home or apartment rather than in temporary state shelters or motels. Once someone enrolls and participates, a client may not be able to get any more help from this resource for 2 full years. So the program is limited in scope and will not continually assist the same people.

A number of expenses and costs are paid for by HomeBASE. Some examples include the program will cover a short term transitional apartment for you to live in while you look for a new apartment or housing if the family has no other place to stay. The program will also provide a rental subsidy voucher which will help people rent a low-cost apartment or home. As indicated above the participant will still have to pay 35 percent of their household income for rent and utilities. Money can also be used for deposits or moving costs. In total up to $4,000 per year is available to help people move into their own apartment or stay with others.





In addition to financial help, case management and stabilization is offered. A Stabilization Plan is a resource that will help people stay in their housing and remain on the right track. What this will do is ensure the families who enroll are a good tenant and pay their rent and utilities on time in the future. Stabilization will require that people go to work or job training, keep their children in school, and ensure that people save money and have a budget. These stabilization plans are a requirement of HomeBASE.

Remember if you do not follow this stabilization plan and other requirements, your family could lose rental assistance provided by HomeBASE.

How to apply for HomeBASE?

Your local social service or welfare office accepts applications. You can apply for Emergency Financial Assistance with a Department of Housing and Community Development case worker at your local office. Or dial 1-800-342-5297. Some of the conditions include the applicant needs to have very little income, be homeless, faced with imminent eviction or have no where to live, have children or be pregnant, and they need to agree to all program terms and meet all rules and requirements.




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