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Nashua and Manchester area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Salvation Army resources are offered in Hillsborough County New Hampshire as part of the New England division. The agency supports the entire county, including the cities of Nashua and Manchester. Social workers can help needy families with rent, mortgage costs, heating bills, food and more.. The non-profit, faith based charity can provide for either private assistance programs (including free Christmas toys from Angel Tree, motel vouchers or heating bill help, food, etc.) or referrals to government aid as needed, and they also give out back to school supplies to kids for free.

Apply for free seasonal items in Nashua County

Gifts, toys, and meals may be provided around the holidays from programs such as Angel Tree and/or Adopt-A-Family. These may be the two main Christmas assistance programs that are offered by the Salvation Army, both nationwide and in New Hampshire. Most of the funds for them come from the Red Kettle and/or donations from the community.

These services were created many years ago in an effort to serve people, in particular the elderly and children, who are less fortunate. The Salvation Army tries to ensure that all Manchester and Nashua families have some type of holiday joy.

Those Hillsborough County families who cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children apply can start to apply to these holiday programs in September or October. Make sure you bring specific information and documentation in order to be considered for the programs. Both the Angel Tree and adopt a family require major participation from people in the community too. Find other free Christmas help in Hillsborough County.

Free holiday food baskets are offered. This can include Christmas food to cover several days of meals, Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all of the trimmings, and even Easter baskets and food, such as a ham.

In some parts of the state, including in Manchester, there will be nursing home visitations that take place during the Christmas and holiday season. Every year, staff and volunteers from the non-profit will visit numerous nursing homes, bringing with them gifts, clothing, and more, such as just companionship.




Emergency assistance programs from Salvation Army

Food pantries across southern and central New Hampshire provide surplus government commodities and other groceries for families. Receive items such as baby formula, rice, breads, snacks, frozen foods, and much more. Some seasonal items may be offered too, such as more fruits during the summer.

When behind on your rent or energy bills, and if that may lead to eviction, then look into homeless prevention assistance in both Nashua and the city of Manchester. People across Hillsborough County are facing hardships due to a job loss, reduction of income, or an unexpected expense such as a car repair. Case managers from your local Salvation Army center can help you apply for and get the financial assistance you may need, including for expenses such as back rent.

This may be the resource that is in highest demand but is most limited. Limited amounts of energy and heating bill assistance is available for those facing a crisis and who are qualified. Grants may be issued for emergency utility or natural gas bill assistance to help heat homes during the winter. Or get help paying rent or security deposits. Case workers also may try to mediate a solution with your landlord or power company. Learn more on New Hampshire homeless, eviction, and mortgage assistance programs.

If you have been evicted, or are just about to be, then additional housing support may be available. This will usually follow the pattern of shelter, transitional housing, and the next step is you can then you can work with a case manager to find a permanent home or apartment in New Hampshire. At the same time enroll into career counseling and employment assistance programs.





During the fall, winter, and spring months, many families in southern New Hampshire struggle to keep their utilities on. The Salvation Army in Nashua County can arrange for utility, heating, and electric bill help. They can direct families to programs such as free heating oil or assist with applications to LIHEAP. Or they offer information on heating oil bulk buying programs that operate similar to services such as Costco (a bulk buying store). The goal is to keep the vulnerable warm and safe during the winter.

Shelters and transitional housing programs in New Hampshire will often be full. If/when that occurs, motel or hotel vouchers may be given out by the Salvation Army. They will be for a night or two at most. But they can keep single moms, kids, or the very low income safe, warm, and off the streets. They are restricted and often come with criteria that need to be met by the applications, and find where to apply for emergency motel vouchers.

The Salvation Army and their Disaster Services unit can provide both financial assistance and other guidance to people in Hillsborough County. Since there are not too many natural disasters in the region, it is more for issues such as fires or floods. Receive vouchers for clothing or furniture, food, and shelter. They also support first responders.

Thrift stores, also sometimes commonly called Family Stores, sell gently used items to the public, such as clothing, appliances, and furniture. Those with the lowest incomes may receive free items. Any money that people spend there goes back to paying for assistance programs and funding the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army centers in Hillsborough County

There are several sites in the southern New Hampshire region. They combine free or low cost Family Stores along with emergency financial aid for paying bills or rent, school supplies, case management, and social support services. They even help substance abusers, including of drugs or alcohol, through rehabilitation clinics. The Salvation army offers a number of social services to needy families.

  • 1 Montgomery Ave, Nashua, call (603) 889-5151 for intake.
  • 217 W Hollis St, Nashua, NH, (603) 880-3568
  • Corp center at 55 High St., Nashua. Telephone (603) 880-3568
  • Another Salvation Army location is at Manchester, New Hampshire. Call (603) 627-7013


By Jon McNamara

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