Financial aid from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council.

Supporting low income families with their basic needs is the Heart of Georgia Community Action Council. The non-profit provides a number of assistance programs to the working poor and less fortunate in the region. Services range from needs such as food to shelter, rent help, and grants for utility bills.

The community action agency offers coverage in the Georgia counties of Wilcox, Dodge, Telfair, Bleckley, Laurens, Montgomery, Pulaski, Treutlen, and Wheeler. Referrals may be offered to other regional charities or non-profit agencies as well.

Financial assistance from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council

The Emergency Solution Grant deals with housing and rent issues. The focus is on Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing for the least fortunate and people facing eviction. The currently homeless and residents that owe back rent may also benefit.

his service is offered in an effort to provide rental and eviction prevention assistance to individuals and/or families who would otherwise become homeless in counties such as Laurens, Bleckley, and Pulaski. Other towns are supported too.

The program also provides help to rapidly re-house individuals that are homeless as defined by HUD and Federal government law. So this may include grants to pay a security deposit or moving expenses.

The financial assistance that is offered through this program includes paying for expenses such as energy bills, rent and utility deposits, moving costs, credit repair and reimbursement for legal fees from an eviction. ESG is a government funded grant. HGCAC partners with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to receive the local funding to operate this program.

A food pantry from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council is there to provide for the emergency needs of families by distribution of donated pantry-type foods. Other non-consumable items such as diapers, baby formula, and related items are sometimes available. The distribution of food has been funded through private donations and a grant from the Human Resources Department.




Referrals are offered from MGCAA as well. For more information on government aid and referrals please feel free to ask the staff about these other subjects. This type of service is provided at the service centers, and is to inform participants about other help that is available from other public and private organizations in the community.

Counseling is just another service provided by the Heart of Georgia Community Action Council, Inc. This is wide ranging, and the advice can assist with a variety of problems that a family may be experiencing.  This service may include home management, energy conservation techniques, budgeting, debt reduction and free mortgage counseling.

Indigent Patient Advocate is a resource help extremely poor or uninsured participants to apply directly to pharmaceutical or drug companies. They can get discounts or receive free medications. This MGCAA service was created for people who are generally on maintenance medications and do not have insurance that covers the cost of their needed prescriptions or medical bills.

Foreclosure and Housing Counseling addresses a number of issues. Get help with Rent Delinquency, Mortgage Default, Post Purchase/Post Occupancy, Home Improvement and Rehabilitation of a home, Displacement and Relocation, Homebuyer Education, and the dangers of predatory lending.

This free counseling is conducted from the MGCAA HUD approved agency both through group sessions and personal sessions. This counseling service has been funded through a grant from HUD and GHFA. Some clients may need to pay minimal fees.

Emergency Financial Assistance is a multifaceted service that depends on the participants need at that time. The majority of assistance (whether a grant or a loan) from the non-profit is providing help for food, clothing, prescriptions, shelter assistance, rent or utility payments.

The Heart of Georgia non-profit Emergency Assistance program is funded by a variety of grants and donations from churches, charities, private individuals, non-profit organizations (such as the United Way), and some funding provided by governments. Funds may come from the Federal, State and County. This is a short term service rather than long term and is intended to resolve an emergency situation in the home.

A one-time annual heating payment for eligible low income households may be offered in Georgia from several energy bill assistance programs. One key one is LIHEAP. This grant is only available during the winter season every year and has been funded by the federal government as well as the Georgia Department of Human Resources. This financial aid program also contains an emergency component when there is sufficient funding for such crisis.





The disabled and seniors from counties such as Laurens, Pulaski, and Wilcox can benefit from the Home Delivered Meals service. It can provide free or low cost meals to people who are temporarily or permanently homebound. They will have at least 1/3 of an individual’s recommended daily nutritional need.

The Home Delivered Meals from the Heart of Georgia and its partners are delivered to both rural areas and urban centers such as cities and towns in Dodge, Telfair, Wilcox, Bleckley, Laurens, and Montgomery County. The elderly clients can also benefit from Social Interaction from our volunteer drivers, Independence, Health Monitoring, and of course the meal / food.

Weatherization can reduce heating and cooling costs of low-income households, especially for the disabled, seniors and children. It works by aiding in the improvement of energy efficiency of their homes, while making sure they are healthy and safe.

The main purpose for this government funded program is to ensure that participating families or households in Georgia will save money from energy conservation modifications.

These changes and updates from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council are made by trained professionals in air flow reduction and repairs.  This service may include such things as additional attic insulation, window repair, thresholds, caulking, water heater replacement and/or wrap and replacing of light bulbs with more efficient ones. Weatherization will also ensure adequate heat is provided in the home.

The Senior Center is a local community facility or center for the elderly in the region. It provides them with a wide variety of services such a social and educational services, information on Medicare, nutritional support, and more. This program also provides a home meal delivery service that is referenced above and it is for those who are not able to attend the center. The services offered are meant to allow the participant to live in their current home thus avoiding premature placement in a nursing home or institution for the elderly.

Heart Homes is a low income, safe, and affordable apartment complex that consists for supporting seniors and the disabled. There are dozens of units and apartments that provide housing through a grant. Rent is due from clients, and it is also a section 8 approved facility.

Educational resources

Head Start is a government funded program for children under the age of 6 from low-income families. Child development, or Head Start, provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment for participating children and a supportive atmosphere for their parents.

The program fully acknowledges that the parents are a child’s first teacher. The staff and teachers from this agency works with the parents to empower them for a long term goal of the child’s education.

It address Child Development along with Health Services which include the Prevention and Early Intervention. The Heart of Georgia Community Action Council also assists with Nutritional needs and includes the Physical Growth, Food Variety, and snacks. Also there is literacy, which includes Continuing Education for Parents, Reading is Fundamental and development of Pre-literacy Skills of the Children.




Locations of Heart of Georgia Community Action Council

Bleckley Community Service Center is at 83 Lumpkin Street, Hawkinsville, Georgia 31036. Call (478) 783-1013

Dodge County Community Service Center, 324 Pine St., Eastman, Georgia 31023. Telephone number is (478) 374-2261

Laurens Community Service Center - 127 High Street, Dublin, GA 31021, main phone (478) 275-0478

Montgomery County Community Service Center, 391 W Morrison St., Mt. Vernon, GA 30445. Main phone - (912) 583-2163

Pulaski Community Service Center, 83 Lumpkin Street, Hawkinsville, GA 31036. Telephone number is (478) 783-1013

Telfair County Community Service Center, 713 Telfair St., McRae, Georgia 31055, (229) 868-5966

Treutlen County Community Service Center is at 127 High Street, Dublin, GA 31021. Call (478) 275-0478 for information

Wheeler County Community Service Center is at 91 W Morrison St., Mt. Vernon, GA 30445, dial (912) 583-2163

Wilcox County Community Service Center, 405 2nd Ave., Rochelle, GA 31079. Call the center at (229) 365-0077

By Jon McNamara

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