Hartford County Maryland homeless prevention assistance (HPP).

The state helps fund a homeless prevention program (HPP) in Hartford County. Any assistance is coordinated by local agencies, including community action as well as Salvation Army or others. It is both a grant and free advice based service, and the Harford County Housing and Community Development assists with the coordination of resources.

There is support for tenants, homeowners, people that are homeless and that need to be rehoused (or shelter), and really anyone with a barrier to housing. A resident in need of a safe and affordable place to live in Hartford County may call on HPP as a resource.

Financial help from Hartford County HPP

Homeless prevention may (on occasion and as funding allows) provide limited funds for paying for bills or emergency housing needs. When there is funding, then cash grants may be used. But this will depend on annual allotments from the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR). If grants are no longer available due to demand or the money ran out, then low interest (or no fee) loans are an option. Costs paid for may be:

  • -Arrears on rent or mortgage, or to a maximum.
  • -Rental or utility deposits for a new, affordable home or apartment.
  • -Members of the military are a focus, and there are veteran rent assistance programs.
  • -Lease application fees, moving costs, or storage fees to store belongings.
  • -Short term solutions, including transitional or emergency housing (shelters) can be arranged for currently homeless people.
  • -Expenses for stability, and HPP may pay for clothing, transportation, or even work attire.

The funds are combined with advice. Any financial aid from the Hartford County Maryland homeless prevention are meant to help a tenant stay in their apartment. Or the funds may assist a homeowner so they can get relief while they try to stop a foreclosure. The use of loans for the homeless are more limited, as they need a source of income/stability first. So HPP grants are used for various reasons.





Mediation and referrals

This is a key part of homeless prevention in Hartford County Maryland. In fact, it is more common to get this type of support over financial aid as it is not reliant on government grants. The charities, such as the Salvation Army, also tend to specialize in this. It will generally be free to the client.

The mediation, or referrals to other resources, will vary based on the client’s situation. Homeowners facing homelessness due to a foreclosure or property tax issue are often referred to either a HUD counselor or the assessor. On the other hand, tenants may be given mediation or even help in funding alternative, more affordable housing in Hartford County Maryland.

The other forms of mediation and referrals may be as follows. But each application is assessed on a one-off basis.

  • -Legal advice from pro-bono attorneys in Hartford County.
  • -HCAP, or the Housing Counselor and Aftercare Program, is a referral service that focuses on stabilization.
  • -Maryland DHR is also a partner, and they can cover section 8 HUD vouchers, loans for first time homebuyers, and other solutions.
  • -Mediation from professional counselors.
  • -Tools for veterans and ex-service members.

Also, in addition to one or more of those options, homeless prevention and rapid rehousing (HPP) in Hartford County also will always involve case management. This is a core service. It is used to ensure the tenant (or homeowner) is stabilized (permanently) over the long term. So, any housing solution includes those aspects. This may be employment, debt counseling, budgeting, and much more.

There are a couple different places to call to apply, or learn more about Hartford County HPP. One is a charity (including community action). Another option is to call on the Harford County Department of Social Service, and that number is (410) 836-4700.



By Jon McNamara

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